A New Year, A New Beginning for Summit Mountain Weddings

A New Year, A New Beginning for Summit Mountain Weddings

New Beginnings for Summit Mountain Weddings This post is about transition and change. It’s about the new start for Summit and Vail Mountain Weddings. What started as an opportunity to share photos and tips for destination weddings and elopements in the Breck and Vail area, has now begun to outgrow it’s pot. It’s like ...

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5 Scenic Drives in the Colorado High Country

Take a Drive in the Rocky Mountains

There are so many great ways to enjoy the outdoors - hiking, fishing, snowshoeing - endless options! But, sometimes it's good to be able to get in the car and explore the mountains. Any parents in the crowd know that car naps can be a saving grace! Or, maybe you need a solo mission to get away for a few hours - this is Dave 100%. Whatever your reason is, we've got a few suggestions for a great drive. Let someone know where you're going and when you'll be back, pack a lunch, or plan stop along the way if your route takes you to a mountain town with some options. Don't expect places to be open super early or super late, as things tend to run on "mountain time" 'round these parts.

Activity Planning for Breckenridge Weddings

You could take these suggestions and incorporate them into your wedding week, or bookmark this post and plan on a follow up trip to drive the ones you missed. We’ve got great stops along each of these drives that would make for an incredible portrait session or ceremony location. Get a map and see if there are any hiking trails that you might want to check out. Drive carefully, be patient with others on the road (they're probably sight seeing, too), and be sure to take lots of pictures! Then let’s chat about what you saw and where you’d like to go for your wedding day with us!

1 - Boreas Pass Road to the Section House

This mountain road closes down in the winter, but not before becoming the go-to spot for leaf peeping near Breckenridge. You can walk this road, but expect to get dusted by cars. Go early or late to avoid the crowds. Weekends are especially busy. Hint, there are other trails in the area for the golden aspens, but take the road past the yellow leaves on up to the Section House. There you'll see some restored cabins and a section of train, as this was actually an old railroad route.

5 Scenic Drives in the Colorado High Country

5 Scenic Drives in the Colorado High Country

2 - Hoosier Pass to South Park City

Head south from Breckenridge past the Breckenridge Brewery and drive over Hoosier Pass to Alma, and then on to Fairplay. We live in this area in a pretty little spot called Valley of the Sun, so we’re a little partial to this particular drive. Once you make it to Fairplay, there you'll find a collection of buildings in a historic park called Old South Park City. Wander around and imagine what it was like to be up in these mountains, away from your friends and family, trying to strike it rich.

5 Scenic Drives in the Colorado High Country

5 Scenic Drives in the Colorado High Country

3 - Fremont Pass to Leadville

Head west on I-70 from Frisco, and go through scenic Ten Mile Canyon. Take the Copper Mountain exit and head south. You'll pass the Climax molybdenum mine along the way to Colorado's highest incorporated city, Leadville. Thehighest incorporated town is Alma. Both these mountain towns reside at over 10,000 feet. Neither is a ski town, so they have their own unique feel to them. Hang out in a bar for a beverage to meet a local character or two.

4 - Vail Pass to Beaver Creek

A variation on driving west from Frisco is to keep going on I-70 past Copper Mountain towards Vail. You'll crest Vail Pass, a popular recreation area both summer and winter. There is a fee during the winter, so be aware if you plan to stop. There is a decent restroom at the pass, and it's an excellent spot for viewing wildflowers on Shrine Ridge. 

5 Scenic Drives in the Colorado High Country

5 Scenic Drives in the Colorado High Country

5 - Loveland Pass to Georgetown

Head towards Keystone and keep going past Arapahoe Basin and drive over Loveland Pass. If you do this during the summer, you can get out and hike the alpine tundra for a unique mountain experience. No trees and little air, your breath will be taken away if it hasn't already. Drop down and head towards Georgetown on I-70. There's a nice visitor's center there as a pit stop before heading to Beau Jo's in Idaho Springs on your way to Denver, or come back and maybe try out the new Baker's Brewery in Silverthorne. That's a full day. If you have any suggestions for a drive, please contact us to share your tip!

Colorado Wedding Venues: Avon & EagleVail Pavilions

Harry A. Nottingham Park Pavilion

Colorado Wedding Venues: Avon & EagleVail Pavilions

Vail Valley Wedding Package

We are always finding out about different options for Summit County and Vail Valley, and that includes Colorado Wedding Venues, the Town of Avon's Harry A. Nottingham Park Pavilion and the EagleVail Pavilion. Just west of Vail proper are a string of smaller villages and towns that stretch along for a few more miles. Warmer temps are usually found in the lower elevation, as well as alternative venues like these are hard to find.

Ask us how we can help connect the dots on all your wedding details, from venue to planner, photographers, DJ's and more. Find packages and vendors. Live your dreams. Sometimes a traditional venue isn't for you, and if that's the case, let us know if we can work in these locations into your custom wedding package.

Using Workflowy and Online Tools to Plan Your Destination Wedding


Planning a wedding requires organizing lots of people and details, so that's why I wrote today's post about Using Workflowy and Online Tools to Plan Your Destination Wedding. No matter how small the wedding, there's always something important to keep track of. We used Minigroup while running Petal and Bean and coordinating flowers and planning. But, now there are other platforms that do similar function without the mini social network feel of the Minigroup.

Inspiration >> Wedding Blogs and Magazines

You can always start the good ol' fashioned way and pick up a few wedding magazines at Barnes and Noble or similar location. Check out the wedding planning aisle or just go online and see what they have. Either way, there are plenty of books that can inspire you with weddings with different colors, styles and at various locations. Atmosphere creates experience.

There are lots of national magazines that over style and overall planning tips. Regional print publications aren't comprehensive and can contain outdated information. Refer to online resources found in print to cross reference availability, new offerings, current specials and links to social profiles.

Organization >> New Media Technology

Most of these platforms run "in the cloud" and sync with all your devices, offering real-time updates and cross-collaboration. What does that mean? It means someone working on finding you a cake maker can cross that off the virtual list you make and let you know about it. It's about having access to the information you need, regardless of where you're at and the device you use.

For example, you can upload files, create folders for pictures, text documents, PDF's and other information regarding the planning of your event. You can share information with select individuals that you trusting to help you plan.

Personalization >> Social Media

A fun part of wedding planning is choosing who will be with you on your journey. Get to know vendors through recommendations from other vendors, online resources and their websites. There you should be able to find links to their social profiles on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Google+. Create circles on the plus, lists on Twitter, and public or secret pinboards, which can all be shared in a private Facebook group. Use a special hashtag and share photos on Instagram. Make your media social with these platforms. Thanks for reading and happy planning!

5 Tips for using hashtags at weddings


At Summit Mountain Weddings we like to keep our followers up on the current details of wedding in the area through our blog and now our very own Instagram page! If you attend a wedding in Summit County this summer, use the hashtag #breckwedding or if you not actually in Breck but close (like Keystone, Copper, Vail, Beaver Creek, etc.) use our handle @breckweddings. We would love to share your pictures on our Instagram and possibly on our blog!

5 Tips for using hashtags at weddings

  1. Never post a picture of the bride in her dress before the ceremony.  You might chance the groom seeing his bride before the ceremony, which is a wedding faux pas.
  2. Include the bride and grooms "handles" when you post.  This is their Instagram profile name with the @ symbol in front of it. This will allow them to see it as soon as you post.
  3. Let the photographer, DJ, and other vendors know about the hashtag.  They will probably be taking pictures throughout the event, and when everyone tags their photos using the hashtag, you'll get to see many different photography styles, angles and perspectives from the evening.
  4. Keep it classy. The hashtag creates your very own virtual wedding album and that means anyone could see it,  including grandma and grandpa.
  5.  Let guests know the hashtag.  Don't forget to tell your guests to use the #breckweddings hashtag at your wedding so that you can be featured on our blog or Instagram page.

5 Tips for using hashtags at weddings

Take a look at our profile by clicking here or on the badge below.  Thanks for reading!


[Planning Tip] Have a back up plan for any outdoor portions of your destination wedding

If there's anything I want to share one thing over and over again when it comes to mountain weddings is to "Have a back up plan for any outdoor portions of your destination wedding."  More than likely it will rain.  And get windy.  So, to keep guests comfortable, it helps to plan ahead and have some protection from the elements in place, like a tent.  Those can be rented and customized with lighting and heaters and matching decor. The second option is to have an alternate location for an outdoor ceremony if it were to be a downpour.  If you can be flexible, just let the rain do its thing and move on.  Colorado storms move fairly quickly and can be sunny in about an hour or so.  Extend cocktail hour until there's a break in the weather, or just use your inside alternative and keep the party on schedule.  It's really a discussion between production staff like caterers and others who have time-sensitive products and services.

Please contact us to learn more about making sure you're covered when it comes to mountain weather, temporary event rentals like tents,  and what you're up to.  We've worked in a lot of different venues and know them better than most.

[Planning Tip] Have a back up plan for any outdoor portions of your destination wedding

Why choose a Destination Wedding? Tips and advice from invitation designer Stephanie McKean of Pier 9 Designs. [Guest Blog]


Why choose a Destination Wedding?  When my husband and I first starting planning our wedding and the idea of having a destination wedding came to mind, we immediately started thinking about the expense.  So then our thoughts went back to thinking about a traditional wedding.   Hmmm….  This really got us to thinking.  We knew we wanted to go Maui, Hawaii for our honeymoon.  That was part of our wedding expense too.  Right?  In 2006, being a destination bride was such an amazing experience and the unbelievable memories will always be a cherished.   We still enjoy looking at our photos and all the memorabilia.Stephanie McKean - Pier 9 Designs ]

Why choose a Destination Wedding?  Tips and advice from invitation designer Stephanie McKean of Pier 9 Designs. [Guest Blog]

Planning a successful Destination Wedding can be so fun and the possibilities are endless of what you can do.  A successful Destination Wedding needs a trusted and experienced wedding coordinator at the destination but also a reputable and trusted company to design your entire wedding invitation package.  Pier 9 will help you maximize the number of guests in attendance and embark them on a visual vacation through Pier 9’s custom designs in wedding stationery such as:

    • “Save the Date” cards - SO IMPORTANT!  Sent 8 months to 1 year in advance to ensure guests have ample time to make travel arrangements and budget for your special day.
    • Accommodations - Notify guests of accommodations closest to the wedding site. Include any discount coupon codes that may apply.
    • Pre-wedding Activities - Notify your guests of any pre-wedding activities taking place that you’d like them to plan their flights around. In my case, it was a Hawaiian Luau the night before the wedding.  Yours might be a sunset dinner overlooking the snow-capped mountains.

[ Stephanie McKean - Pier 9 Designs ]

    • Invitations - Have fun with your invitations by playing up on the location in an elegant way. Use the cool colors of the island or the earth tones of the mountains or stationery designed as a travel passport or round-trip ticket.
    • Directions and Maps - Traveling can be a little stressful.  Put your guests at ease by including a custom -designed map of the best route from the airport to the wedding site.
    • Other Activities - It’s very likely your guests will extend their stay turning it into their own vacation getaway. Maximize their experience by including a well designed postcard of the most popular must- see attractions.

Why choose a Destination Wedding?  Tips and advice from invitation designer Stephanie McKean of Pier 9 Designs. [Guest Blog]

    • Requested Attire - Often times when we travel, we think casual attire. If it’s important to you that your guests dress in a certain fashion for the venue or activity, be sure to include such terms on your correspondence.
    • Welcome Home Reception - Planning a reception party after you arrive home? Be sure to include this on your invitation. For a more formal event, create a separate invitation. Most brides would love to have all their family and friends attend their special day.  With Destination Weddings, many guests simply can’t attend. A Welcome Home reception is a perfect way for those guests to feel special knowing they too can enjoy your wedding celebration.
    • Thank-You Cards - I’m in love with creating two versions of Thank You cards for Destination Weddings.  For those guests who traveled the distance we can include wedding photographs of you and them at the wedding. Or create a custom designed CD case and burn wedding images of your guests from the event.
    • Pocket fold invitations are a great way to mail and present all these pieces together in a clean format.

Destination weddings are unique by nature.  Make sure your wedding stationary package follows suit.  Pier 9 allows you to arrive at your dream destination knowing that you have covered all key points.  For more ideas and inspiration, contact Pier 9 Graphic Design today for a free consultation and together we’ll set sail your dream wedding.  Please mention "Pier 9 on Summit Mountain Weddings"  and refer to this blog post when contacting us, thanks!

Why choose a Destination Wedding?  Tips and advice from invitation designer Stephanie McKean of Pier 9 Designs. [Guest Blog]

Pier 9 Graphic Design | Stephanie McKean | P. 303.775.9442 | smckean@pier9design.com | www.pier9design.com