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Story time: I was newly engaged to Ben & oh-so excited! And then we started planning. We mailed save the dates out to 100+ people. We had our colors picked, an entire vision planned, and I really did love every bit of it!

But something still didn’t feel right. And then, as She often so timely does, the Universe decided to throw a few more curveballs into our life. After rearranging some of our priorities, we decided to do the exact same thing I had heard so many of my brides already do: we scrapped the original plan & decided to start from scratch, with two ideas in mind: intimate & simple. We instantly felt more at peace with our decision after we listened to our hearts & followed our true selves. >>> Watch our Love Story unfold more here!


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At SMW, our WHY isn’t just to create beautiful photographs & heirloom keepsakes in scenic locations - although it doesn’t hurt that we do just that! Your wedding day should be a reflection of both of YOU, and we’re here to help you curate your own custom elopement or intimate wedding package that fits you best.

If a big wedding isn’t your style, we firmly believe in following your heart
and getting married how you want to.

Listen, I’ve been there. I was overwhelmed, I felt off-balance, I was planning a wedding in a different state, and it all seemed like too big a production. In the end, we just wanted to get married. So that’s what we did.

I’m here to guide couples looking for their special day to feel personal & honest to who they truly are. In a world that seems to spin faster every day, I encourage you to be present, look at the beauty around you and breathe in this beautiful season of life.



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I was drawn to the mountains for a reason: I felt like I was coming home. The light never hits the peaks the same way twice. Rain, snow or shine, they remain steadily beautiful through changing seasons.

Shooting with film was one of my first loves {second only to my childhood dog…!}, and bringing the medium to weddings & portraits is beyond a joy for me! I also recognize the importance of digital in our work, too. You’ll most likely see me with both mediums hanging from my camera harness on your wedding day!

Our ideal couples have a connection to the Colorado mountains – they met here, they traveled here for their first vacation together, they grew up vacationing here, they visited once and moved here as soon as possible… the list goes on!
Love Languages = Quality Time and/or Words of Affirmation. Also: must love dogs & be ready to introduce me to all of their pets!

Most of our elopements include 10 guests or less {and are usually truly intimate with just the couple and maybe a couple friends}. We go outdoors, with scenic views that are off the beaten path, but not so far off that it takes the whole day to get there.

Our bride may not always enjoy being the center of attention, but she is confident and knows what she wants. She knows that hair & makeup is important on a day like this, but she’ll keep it minimal & natural, to feel most like herself. She loves connection: with one another, with nature and within herself. She’s a modern, independent lady who appreciates incorporating traditions in her own way.

I’m here to photograph your moments in this emotion-filled {read: overflowing!} time of your lives. I’m also here to guide you to an amazing experience from the time you get here until you leave as a married couple! Connection is a big part of our relationship together. I love grabbing coffee with couples any chance I get – the more we get to connect beforehand, the easier it is for me to capture your true story. To make sure we can really get to know one another, we take on a limited number of weddings & elopements each year. We may book elopements as far out as 16 months or as close in as 1 month.