5 Scenic Drives in the Colorado High Country

Take a Drive in the Rocky Mountains

Not everyone is super active, and we understand that. Sometimes it's good to be able to get in the car and explore the mountains with a good group of friends. Or, maybe you need a solo mission to get away for a few hours. Whatever your reason is, we've got a few suggestions for you in today's post, 5 Scenic Drives in the Colorado High Country. Let someone know where you're going and when you'll be back, pack a lunch or stop along the way if your route takes you to a mountain town with some options. Don't expect places to be open super early or super late, as things tend to run on "mountain time" 'round these parts.

Activity Planning for Breckenridge Weddings

You could take these suggestions and incorporate them into your wedding week, or bookmark this post and plan on a follow up trip to drive the ones you missed. Get a map and check out and see if there are any hiking trails that you might want to check out. Drive carefully, be patient with others on the road (they're probably sight seeing too), and be sure to take lots of pics and tag us in a few if you are inspired by this post. We like to use the hashtag, #breckweddings on Instagram, so use that there if you gram. Thanks for reading and please contact us with any questions or comments.

1 - Boreas Pass Road to the Section House

This mountain road closes down in the winter, but not before becoming the go-to spot for leaf peeping near Breckenridge. You can walk this road, but expect to get dusted by cars. Go early or late to avoid the crowds. Weekends are especially busy. Hint, there are other trails in the area for the golden aspens, but take the road past the yellow leaves on up to the Section House. There you'll see some restored cabins and a section of train, as this was actually an old railroad route.

5 Scenic Drives in the Colorado High Country

2 - Hoosier Pass to South Park City

Head south from Breckenridge past the Breckenridge Brewery and drive over Hoosier Pass to Alma, and then on to Fairplay. There you'll find a collection of buildings in a historic park called Old South Park City. Wander around and imagine what it was like to be up in these mountains, away from your friends and family, trying to strike it rich. There's even a sign there that references that funny cartoon on the tv, because South Park is a real place. This is it.

5 Scenic Drives in the Colorado High Country

3 - Fremont Pass to Leadville

Head west on I-70 from Frisco, and go through scenic Ten Mile Canyon. Take the Copper Mountain exit and head south. You'll pass the Climax molybdenum mine along the way to Colorado's highest incorporated city, Leadville. The highest incorporated town is Alma. Both these mountain towns reside at over 10,000 feet. Neither is a ski town, so they have their own unique feel to them. Hang out in a bar for a beverage to meet a local character or two.

4 - Vail Pass to Beaver Creek

A variation on driving west from Frisco is to keep going on I-70 past Copper Mountain towards Vail. You'll crest Vail Pass, a popular recreation area both summer and winter. There is a fee during the winter, so be aware if you plan to stop. There is a decent restroom at the pass, and it's an excellent spot for viewing wildflowers on Shrine Ridge. 

5 Scenic Drives in the Colorado High Country

5 - Loveland Pass to Georgetown

Head towards Keystone and keep going past Arapahoe Basin and drive over Loveland Pass. If you do this during the summer, you can get out and hike the alpine tundra for a unique mountain experience. No trees and little air, your breath will be taken away if it hasn't already. Drop down and head towards Georgetown on I-70. There's a nice visitor's center there as a pit stop before heading to Beau Jo's in Idaho Springs on your way to Denver, or come back and maybe try out the new Baker's Brewery in Silverthorne. That's a full day. If you have any suggestions for a drive, please contact us to share your tip!