5 Scenic Drives in the Colorado High Country

Take a Drive in the Rocky Mountains

There are so many great ways to enjoy the outdoors - hiking, fishing, snowshoeing - endless options! But, sometimes it's good to be able to get in the car and explore the mountains. Any parents in the crowd know that car naps can be a saving grace! Or, maybe you need a solo mission to get away for a few hours - this is Dave 100%. Whatever your reason is, we've got a few suggestions for a great drive. Let someone know where you're going and when you'll be back, pack a lunch, or plan stop along the way if your route takes you to a mountain town with some options. Don't expect places to be open super early or super late, as things tend to run on "mountain time" 'round these parts.

Activity Planning for Breckenridge Weddings

You could take these suggestions and incorporate them into your wedding week, or bookmark this post and plan on a follow up trip to drive the ones you missed. We’ve got great stops along each of these drives that would make for an incredible portrait session or ceremony location. Get a map and see if there are any hiking trails that you might want to check out. Drive carefully, be patient with others on the road (they're probably sight seeing, too), and be sure to take lots of pictures! Then let’s chat about what you saw and where you’d like to go for your wedding day with us!

1 - Boreas Pass Road to the Section House

This mountain road closes down in the winter, but not before becoming the go-to spot for leaf peeping near Breckenridge. You can walk this road, but expect to get dusted by cars. Go early or late to avoid the crowds. Weekends are especially busy. Hint, there are other trails in the area for the golden aspens, but take the road past the yellow leaves on up to the Section House. There you'll see some restored cabins and a section of train, as this was actually an old railroad route.

5 Scenic Drives in the Colorado High Country

5 Scenic Drives in the Colorado High Country

2 - Hoosier Pass to South Park City

Head south from Breckenridge past the Breckenridge Brewery and drive over Hoosier Pass to Alma, and then on to Fairplay. We live in this area in a pretty little spot called Valley of the Sun, so we’re a little partial to this particular drive. Once you make it to Fairplay, there you'll find a collection of buildings in a historic park called Old South Park City. Wander around and imagine what it was like to be up in these mountains, away from your friends and family, trying to strike it rich.

5 Scenic Drives in the Colorado High Country

5 Scenic Drives in the Colorado High Country

3 - Fremont Pass to Leadville

Head west on I-70 from Frisco, and go through scenic Ten Mile Canyon. Take the Copper Mountain exit and head south. You'll pass the Climax molybdenum mine along the way to Colorado's highest incorporated city, Leadville. Thehighest incorporated town is Alma. Both these mountain towns reside at over 10,000 feet. Neither is a ski town, so they have their own unique feel to them. Hang out in a bar for a beverage to meet a local character or two.

4 - Vail Pass to Beaver Creek

A variation on driving west from Frisco is to keep going on I-70 past Copper Mountain towards Vail. You'll crest Vail Pass, a popular recreation area both summer and winter. There is a fee during the winter, so be aware if you plan to stop. There is a decent restroom at the pass, and it's an excellent spot for viewing wildflowers on Shrine Ridge. 

5 Scenic Drives in the Colorado High Country

5 Scenic Drives in the Colorado High Country

5 - Loveland Pass to Georgetown

Head towards Keystone and keep going past Arapahoe Basin and drive over Loveland Pass. If you do this during the summer, you can get out and hike the alpine tundra for a unique mountain experience. No trees and little air, your breath will be taken away if it hasn't already. Drop down and head towards Georgetown on I-70. There's a nice visitor's center there as a pit stop before heading to Beau Jo's in Idaho Springs on your way to Denver, or come back and maybe try out the new Baker's Brewery in Silverthorne. That's a full day. If you have any suggestions for a drive, please contact us to share your tip!

Wildflower Fields on Peak 7 in Breckenridge [Photo Shoot Location]

Wildflower Fields on Peak 7 in Breckenridge [Photo Shoot Location]

Wildflower Fields on Peak 7 in Breckenridge [Photo Shoot Location]

Summer in the Rocky Mountains = Wildflowers

Living in the mountains for almost 20 years, and I still find new spots to share, like these Wildflower Fields on Peak 7 in Breckenridge, a suggested Photo Shoot Location. Now, mind you this land traverses next to private property and is in a pretty secluded neighborhood, this area is meant for small groups, preferably less than 10 at a time. Just schedule the photographer and the bride and groom for a half hour on the trail near the Breckenridge Ski Resort. I've included a map below to show you where it's at. For a list of other recommended hikes near Breckenridge, click here to read a blog on The Flower Maven

Breckenridge Wedding Photography

Don't worry if you can't make it to this exact spot for your wedding photos on the big day. These flowers won't last forever, but the mountain vistas will. And these flowers come from long winter weathers and heavy snowfalls. Summer or Winter, then?  You have your choice of seasons, and whether or not you want a white winter backdrop instead of colorful wildflowers. But, consider this are surrounded by world-class ski areas like Vail, Beaver Creek, Copper Mountain, Keystone and A-Basin. A winter wedding proposal can be a fun experience, and if you need some help to put all the pieces together on the sly, we're good at personalizing elopements and small vow renewals that are similar in intimacy.

Please be respectful of parking and don't step on the wildflowers. Tread lightly and please Leave No Trace when traveling in the mountains.

Colorado Wedding Venues in Breckenridge, Summit County and the Vail Valley


Click on the board title name and it'll take you to this pinboard about Colorado Wedding Venues in Breckenridge, Summit County and the Vail Valley. Planning a destination event in the mountains is no easy task. It takes time to find the right setting, and that means convenient lodging. Access to nightlife, or whatever you think the perfect setting might be. You see, that's why we created this blog. There's so many private homes, ranches and event centers that can be the right fit for a small mountain wedding. The larger hotels can provide the convenience of consolidated group services. That means walking into your hotel room to find your skis waiting for you. Or, call us to find out how you can get yours delivered as part of an winter wedding package.

Check out our growing vendor directory and if you're a vendor, submit to be listed on the original wedding blog for Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Dillon, Frisco, Keystone, Silverthorne, Vail and Beaver Creek.

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10 Locations for Fall Wedding Photo Shoots near Breckenridge, Colorado

10 Locations for Fall Wedding Photo Shoots near Breckenridge, Colorado Coordinating photography sessions and determining isn't always easy, but I'm here to help you with 10 Locations for Fall Wedding Photo Shoots near Breckenridge, Colorado. The colors are out there, but how do you know where to go? I've narrowed it down to a few prime spots where the views are outstanding, the trees are colorful, and you're set up for success. The rest is up to you.

Read on to learn more about these spots, but be sure to contact us to find out how we can help you find a Breckenridge wedding planner that can save you time and money. We know it helps to find someone who knows local vendors, and while we build our local  directory, we can provide group services and activity recommendations for spring, summer, winter and fall.

We're longtime locals and are very knowledgeable about the many hotels, private luxury home rentals, venues and vendors that work destination mountain weddings in the Rocky Mountains. Here's what I've learned about finding the best spots for photos in the Colorado high country. Click here to contact us with any questions.

1. Boreas Pass Road

Head to the south end of town and turn left at Boreas Pass road. A gas station will be on your right.

2. Aspen Grove Trail

Park at the first major switchback on Boreas, or hike from the Ice Rink. Connects with the road higher up.

10 Locations for Fall Wedding Photo Shoots near Breckenridge, Colorado

3. Stephen C. West Ice Arena

Head up Little Mountain for little under an hour to a nice bench with outstanding views of the Ten Mile Range.

4. Hoosier Pass

Surrounded by fourteen thousand foot peaks is hard to beat. And, you're on the Continental Divide.

10 Locations for Fall Wedding Photo Shoots near Breckenridge, Colorado

5. Lomax Placer

Just up Ski Hill Road on the left, just past the skier bridge. Check with the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance about commerial shoots.

6. French Gulch Trails

From Main Street, turn east onto Wellington between Extreme Pizza and the Local Market. Drive until the road splits. Go right. If you go left, you'll end up on CR 450. Three trailheads offer adventure. B&B, Reiling Dredge and Sally Barber.

10 Locations for Fall Wedding Photo Shoots near Breckenridge, Colorado

7. Lake Dillon

When driving north from Breckenridge to Frisco, park at the day use area found on your right just after the first switchback once you pass the high school. Walk five minutes and you're on the beach. Or, go to Frisco or Dillon Marinas. Or head to the overlook at  Sapphire Point.

8. Montezuma Road

Keystone choices include the Summit Cove inlet on Lake Dillon, the Keystone Village, but don't forget about the road that heads up to Montezuma.

10 Locations for Fall Wedding Photo Shoots near Breckenridge, Colorado

9. Lily Pad Lake Trail

Go through the roundabout by I-70 and the new Whole Foods in Frisco, and take the frontage road near Giberson Ranch.

10. Frisco Historic Park

Downtown Frisco is a hidden gem. Historic cabins just steps away from the "Main Street of the Rockies." Bonus points if you climb Mt. Royal for a few "trash the dress" pics soon after. If you do, please submit your pics for us to share! Thanks for reading.

The USA ProCycling Challenge in Breck: Road Closures and Travel Impacts


Breckenridge has a big cycling community and there are lots of locals and visitors that participate in the local race series, as well as other races that come through the area like the Triple Bypass the Courage Classic. Some other local races to take note of include Circle the Summit and the Breck Epic. >> USA ProCycling Challenge: Road Closures and Travel Impacts

Flowery Bike by Petal and Bean in Breckenridge, Colorado

As with every wedding, with enough planning and preparation you can handle almost anything that comes your way. Half the battle is having the knowledge, and the other half is having the experience and tools to problem solve your way out of inclement weather, wardrobe malfunctions and other wedding fails.

Actually, a few years ago, the race prompted a couple to reschedule their nuptials. They moved up the date of their ceremony one day, as the race was scheduled to close the road on the original day selected. Luckily, this couple was flexible and went with the flow and had a beautiful wedding at Sapphire Point overlooking Dillon Reservoir. Just one day earlier, that's all.

Contact us to learn more about planning details for your destination wedding in Colorado. We are Summit County and Vail Valley specialists. See bicyle-inspired floral decor from Petal and Bean by clicking here.

A Toast to the Toaster: 8 Things to Remember When Planning a Wedding Toast

This blog is a creation of Petal and Bean, and is the original wedding blog for Summit County, Colorado. We've recently added new team members to Petal and Bean, and that includes Kayle Walker, guest blogger in today's post. We oversee a lot of events and we help plan events too. Let's check out what Kayle learned from attending a few weddings and from her wedding planning jobs here in Breckenridge and Keystone. Here's her tips for making your toast the best it can be. A Toast to the Toaster:  8 Things to Remember When Planning a Wedding Toast | Photo courtes of Kent Meireis Photography

A Toast to the Toaster: 8 Things to Remember When Planning a Wedding Toast - Kayle Walker

This past Saturday I was the Day-of-Coordinator for a wedding at the Keystone Resort's Ski Tip Lodge.  The day kicked off at Lord of the Mountain Church in Dillon. It's one of the best places in the County where you can have the ceremony inside with vast mountain views in the background.

The celebration continued and the night was filled with lots of dancing, including a tear-jerking father-daughter dance. I was witness to delicious food, beautiful flowers, and great conversation.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day.

One of the moments that stood out to me was the toasts. The bride's  two Matrons of Honor gave a personal speech with a small memento for the bride and groom. The ladies were a hard act to follow, but the Best Men followed with funny, personal stories about the groom. I truly enjoyed this part because I learned more about the bride and groom... so here’s a toast to the toasters!

So what’s the key to giving a good toast? Here's 8 tips from a planner.

1. Introduction: Introduce yourself and your connection to the bride/groom. Follow that by remarking about the {insert adjective here} event.

2. Be yourself, but don’t make it about you: Public speaking can be difficult so remember to be yourself! However, we know you’re a big part of the bride/groom’s life, but keep the focus on them and not you. It’s okay to tell a memory that includes you, but remember who you are honoring.

3. Keep it short: Short and sweet – less than 5 minutes. Also consider how many other people are giving toasts and adjust your time accordingly.

4. Don’t be negative: Don’t confuse humor with negativity. Don’t try to embarrass the bride/ groom by telling what you think is a “funny” story (i.e. Claire’s speech on Wedding Crashers). And whatever you do, don’t bring up exes (duh!).

5. Practice: Read it to your friends or family and get their feedback – especially if you’re using humor or telling a personal story. Write it down or bring notes if you need to, it’s not neccesarry to memorize your toast or give it impromptu.

6. Face the couple: Face the couple when you’re giving the toast and don’t forget to smile.

7. Appearance: Hit the restroom before you’re in the spotlight and straighten up. Your toast will likely be documented with a photo and/or video. Also... try not to be drunk! We know you want to have a good time, but you don’t want to be sloppy.

8. Actually Toast: You can get caught up with what you’re saying and forget to actually ask the guests to raise a glass. Finish your toast with a phrase such as, Cheers, Salute, etc. so the crowd knows you are finished.

It’s always fun to see the small details come together for a successful event. I thank the couple for letting me share in their joy, tears, and laughter on their special day. Contact Petal and Bean and Summit Mountain Weddings to learn more!

5 Ways to Plan for Mountain Weather for your Destination Wedding in Colorado

5 Ways to Plan for Mountain Weather for your Destination Wedding in Colorado  

It could rain on your wedding day. I'll be the first to say it if no one else has yet. It rains in the mountains almost every afternoon right around the 4 - 7 PM window, right when most wedding ceremonies are planned to happen.

Brides imagine puffy white clouds, or the classic Colorado bluebird skies, but when it's grey and sprinkling, or worse, raining hard and blowing wind, the day will go on, and so will your wedding. It's a good idea to plan ahead and hope for sunny skies. But, if it's not the weather you want, you'll have to deal with it, prepared or not.

In the image above you can see a screenshot from Forecast.io, one of my go to apps for weather in Breck. Technology won't save you, but at the very least I've come up with 5 Ways to Plan for Mountain Weather for your Destination Wedding in Colorado.

  1. Choose your venue carefully. Does it have a back up location? Sometimes the reception location can be used, sometimes it cannot. Caterers need to adhere to schedule when it comes to serving lots of people at one time, so talk it out.
  2. Wondering what the weather's gonna do? Look out the window. Apps only go so far. They're great for general weather for the area, but don't expect accuracy in any online forecasts. The mountains have a mind of their own.
  3. Don't forget the umbrellas. No, seriously.  Having umbrellas around will protect guests from the intense mountain sun, and from the rain that will more than likely show up for a few minutes.
  4. Have a Plan B and own it. Pick a time and know who the decision-maker is and who all needs to know if the weather is just too bad and the alternative location is now a go. No need to be scrambling with a back up plan in place, just adjust and continue the party.
  5. Bombproof your outdoor props. Consider winds and gusty mountain breezes when planning outdoor ceremonies. Will the decor easily tip over?

Contact us to learn more about planning your destination wedding in the Breckenridge area.