7 Hiking Trails in the Colorado Rocky Mountains for Viewing Wildflowers [Video]


Alpine Flowers in the Summer

It was a snow spring in the Town of Breckenridge (<-- here's a map link) and all that moisture led me to explore and make this list of 7 Hiking Trails in the Colorado Rocky Mountains for Viewing Wildflowers that you have to see to believe. The slow melting process drips life into blooms that sit under tons of snow and wait until the few days that it is warm enough to fulfill the cycle one more time. It is truly an amazing thing to see, the ski slopes and mountains covered in millions, probably billions of colorful wildflowers.

Adventures in Breckenridge and Beyond

Part of your wedding experience for friends, family and guests could be strolling through the shops along Main Street or you might even spend some time at the Fun Park on Peak 8. Check out the new roller coaster, but the alpine slide is a summer classic in Breck. However, if you're ready with a backpack with your 10 Essentials and want an adventure, check out the videos below. They are best completed with a backpack full of everything you need, a group of energetic friends, and a camera or two. Post a few on our Facebook wall, and be sure to use the hashtag, #breckweddings on Instagram so that everyone can see all the fun high country weddings. Please contact us with any questions. Videos created by Stacy Sanchez of Breckenridge, Colorado. That's me!

1. Cataract Lake - Silverthorne

2. Uneva Pass - Vail


3. French Gulch - Breckenridge


4. Peak 7 - Breckenridge


5. Shrine Ridge - Vail


6. Burro Trail - Breckenridge


7. Mayflower Gulch - Copper Mountain


Wildflower Fields on Peak 7 in Breckenridge [Photo Shoot Location]


Wildflower Fields on Peak 7 in Breckenridge [Photo Shoot Location]

Summer in the Rocky Mountains = Wildflowers

Living in the mountains for almost 20 years, and I still find new spots to share, like these Wildflower Fields on Peak 7 in Breckenridge, a suggested Photo Shoot Location. Now, mind you this land traverses next to private property and is in a pretty secluded neighborhood, this area is meant for small groups, preferably less than 10 at a time. Just schedule the photographer and the bride and groom for a half hour on the trail near the Breckenridge Ski Resort. I've included a map below to show you where it's at. For a list of other recommended hikes near Breckenridge, click here to read a blog on The Flower Maven

Breckenridge Wedding Photography

Don't worry if you can't make it to this exact spot for your wedding photos on the big day. These flowers won't last forever, but the mountain vistas will. And these flowers come from long winter weathers and heavy snowfalls. Summer or Winter, then?  You have your choice of seasons, and whether or not you want a white winter backdrop instead of colorful wildflowers. But, consider this are surrounded by world-class ski areas like Vail, Beaver Creek, Copper Mountain, Keystone and A-Basin. A winter wedding proposal can be a fun experience, and if you need some help to put all the pieces together on the sly, we're good at personalizing elopements and small vow renewals that are similar in intimacy.

Please be respectful of parking and don't step on the wildflowers. Tread lightly and please Leave No Trace when traveling in the mountains.


Wildflowers in front of Ten Mile Station, Breckenridge wedding venue


In the foreground you see wildflowers in front Ten Mile Station, Breckenridge wedding venue on Peak 9 at the ski area.  There are literally thousands of them in front of the building, and in a huge patch out in the circular driveway.  Not every venue is lucky enough to have these kinds of wildflowers, in that sheer number, out the front door.  There are also large hanging baskets that are hung. If you're looking for help finding a venue, booking other vendors and bringing your vision together, then please contact us to learn more.  We are helping brides plan their dream destination wedding in Breckenridge and the Vail Valley.  As a mountain-based wedding planner we are able to share our local expertise and solve any situations using our creative online resource to produce magnificent mountain weddings.  

Mayflower Gulch, near Copper Mountain [Photo Shoot Location]


Earlier this summer we hiked along the roads that lead into the high hills  of Mayflower Gulch, near Copper Mountain. We have visited this place before, and really like the feel in this wild mountain basin. You can see the cabins left behind by the miners and try to figure out which peaks are what (bring a topo map for this). If you're planning a destination wedding in or near Copper Mountain, then I'd suggest considering this special area that's definitely worth the drive and short, yet moderately steep hike. We consider the wedding not only the day of the ceremony, but now the whole experience that you create for your guests and that includes the activities in the days leading up to the big day. Adventure weddings in Colorado? Yes, we do that. Please contact us to learn more.

[PHOTO SHOOT LOCATION] Mayflower Gulch: South of Copper Mountain, Colorado

You're getting married in the mountains, and you deserve to utilize all the available opportunities to capture the mountain wedding experience to its fullest.  And that includes putting a bit of time and effort into a great photo shoot.  Yes, you can get the obligatory "walking down the middle of the street" shot, but for a backdrop that no one else has, there are lots of choices when it comes to your Breckenridge wedding photography, or whichever mountain town you choose.

[PHOTO SHOOT LOCATION]  Mayflower Gulch, south of Copper Mountain ,Colorado  |  photo[StacySanchez]

Not too far from Copper Mountain is a hidden gem, Mayflower Gulch.  A short walk, hike or even shorter drive will get you to a majestic alpine basin that is literally filled with wildflowers.  It took us about half an hour to reach the cabin at the lower valley, we then chose a steeper trail on a road that climbs to the right.

[PHOTO SHOOT LOCATION]  Mayflower Gulch, south of Copper Mountain ,Colorado  |  photo[StacySanchez]The backside of the Ten Mile range is what you see when you're in the gulch, and you should take five minutes to pull out your map (you did bring a map and the ten essentials, didn't you?) and figure out which peak is which.  

[PHOTO SHOOT LOCATION]  Mayflower Gulch, south of Copper Mountain ,Colorado  |  photo[StacySanchez]

You can actually drive back to the cabins, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you have lots of clearance and a 4WD.  It's an enjoyable walk, but a photographer with lots of equipment should use a vehicle to transport clients and items needed.  

[PHOTO SHOOT LOCATION]  Mayflower Gulch, south of Copper Mountain ,Colorado  |  photo[StacySanchez]

Towards the higher slopes in the basin you'll see thousands, if not millions of wildflowers of all shapes, sizes and colors.  North-facing slopes still hold snow in the windy, alpine terrain.  You can feel the air temperature drop as you reach the ridgeline.

[PHOTO SHOOT LOCATION] Rocky Mountain Wedding Photos at Mayflower Gulch, Copper Mountain, CO

Dina looks to the north and the Gore Range that is in the distance.  We ran from Silverthorne to Vail once, over Red-Buffalo Pass and had a friend pick us up and bring us back.  There are amazing trails and terrain in the area near Summit County, and we hope you enjoy checking out this spectacular spot!

[PHOTO SHOOT LOCATION] Rocky Mountain Wedding Photos at Mayflower Gulch, Copper Mountain, CO

[PHOTO SHOOT LOCATION] Rocky Mountain Wedding Photos at Mayflower Gulch, Copper Mountain, CO

[PHOTO SHOOT LOCATION] Rocky Mountain Wedding Photos at Mayflower Gulch, Copper Mountain, CO

We dropped back down to the lower valley floor, and checked out the cabins for a few minutes.  We think this is really the best place to head to, as the higher ridgeline is a bit of a climb to reach.  So, please share your photos that you create with the advice and tips given from this blog and we'll share it on our real weddings blog!  

[PHOTO SHOOT LOCATION] Rocky Mountain Wedding Photos at Mayflower Gulch, Copper Mountain, CO

>> photos[stacysanchez] 

[PHOTO SHOOT LOCATION] Mt. Baldy, 11,220 feet near Breckenridge, Colorado.


This is another first for me, because I am sitting on the side of a mountain, Mt. Baldy, near Breckenridge. We're able to create these real-time blogs with our new iPhone.

After picking up a few rental items from yesterday's wedding, I motivated to go for a late afternoon mountain bike ride. The Wildflowers are amazing right now, and this would be a great place to take some photos!

Once again, this is the just the beginning of what the best online resource for weddings near Breckenridge, Colorado.

Well, the video didn't want to upload, so here's a few pics instead!