Elk Preserve: Backcountry Nordic Skiing in Keystone, Colorado [Video]


Part of the allure of having a winter wedding in Colorado is the skiing, and that's why I'm sharing this video about the "Elk Preserve: Backcountry Nordic Skiing in Keystone, Colorado." It's an amazing set of neighborhood trails that end up reaching all the way to Breckenridge. The Colorado Trail even crosses by at a few places. Sections lead towards the Keystone Ski Resort, or stick to the ones off the beaten path. If you're looking for a non-aggressive outdoor winter experience, and have some skiing ability, then you'll enjoy the challenge of cross country skiing. As long as you have a strong snow plow and can turn, then you should be ok. Please contact us to learn more about all the different activities, options and secret stashes that you won't find anywhere else.


5 Ways to Plan for Mountain Weather for your Destination Wedding in Colorado

5 Ways to Plan for Mountain Weather for your Destination Wedding in Colorado  

It could rain on your wedding day. I'll be the first to say it if no one else has yet. It rains in the mountains almost every afternoon right around the 4 - 7 PM window, right when most wedding ceremonies are planned to happen.

Brides imagine puffy white clouds, or the classic Colorado bluebird skies, but when it's grey and sprinkling, or worse, raining hard and blowing wind, the day will go on, and so will your wedding. It's a good idea to plan ahead and hope for sunny skies. But, if it's not the weather you want, you'll have to deal with it, prepared or not.

In the image above you can see a screenshot from Forecast.io, one of my go to apps for weather in Breck. Technology won't save you, but at the very least I've come up with 5 Ways to Plan for Mountain Weather for your Destination Wedding in Colorado.

  1. Choose your venue carefully. Does it have a back up location? Sometimes the reception location can be used, sometimes it cannot. Caterers need to adhere to schedule when it comes to serving lots of people at one time, so talk it out.
  2. Wondering what the weather's gonna do? Look out the window. Apps only go so far. They're great for general weather for the area, but don't expect accuracy in any online forecasts. The mountains have a mind of their own.
  3. Don't forget the umbrellas. No, seriously.  Having umbrellas around will protect guests from the intense mountain sun, and from the rain that will more than likely show up for a few minutes.
  4. Have a Plan B and own it. Pick a time and know who the decision-maker is and who all needs to know if the weather is just too bad and the alternative location is now a go. No need to be scrambling with a back up plan in place, just adjust and continue the party.
  5. Bombproof your outdoor props. Consider winds and gusty mountain breezes when planning outdoor ceremonies. Will the decor easily tip over?

Contact us to learn more about planning your destination wedding in the Breckenridge area.

Leah and Dustin in the Ice Castle in Breckenridge, Colorado

In this amazing image you see Leah and Dustin in the Ice Castle in Breckenridge, Colorado. Katie Girtman of Studio Kiva Photography, a Breckenridge wedding photographer,  took the couple to this surreal location in downtown Breck this past weekend. Great job!