How Summit Mountain Weddings Protects the Environment + Practices Conscious Business

bride and groom rocky mountains

Hello, Mother Nature. Let's Be Friends.

Hello, Mother Nature. Let's Be Friends.

Summit Mountain Weddings curates experiences for couples + families who are drawn to the scenic landscapes and vistas of Colorado. We are fueled by a passion for the outdoors, for Mother Nature and for sharing life's most intimate + impactful moments in gorgeous surroundings with those that matter most.

The mountains, forests, rivers and lakes are our setting + never-ending inspiration. It is our belief that, as Mother Nature has given us Her peaks and valleys for endless, beautiful creativity, it is our responsibility to show Her our gratitude by taking care of the very places we love.

river running through buena vista, colorado at sunrise | Hello, MOther nature. Let's Be Friends. | How Summit Mountain Weddings practices being friendly to and conscious about our environment.

How Summit Mountain Weddings practices being friendly to and conscious about our environment:

  • Paper conscious: online contracts + invoices. Simple, yet impactful.

  • Follows key Leave-No-Trace Principals when exploring the great outdoors:

    • Plan ahead and prepare (keep an eye on weather, only take small groups to trails/land, stay on trails when possible)

    • Pack it in, pack it out: details and props come in and leave with us

    • Leave what you find: don't move rocks or a log for that "perfect shot." Use what is already available.

    • Respect the wildlife: observe from a distance and don't feed or encourage interaction.

  • Frequents and recommends Artifact Uprising as a top-notch, preferred, eco-conscious photo lab.

    • Recycled papers for prints and recycled fibers in hardcover books + albums

    • reclaimed products like Mountain beetle pine

    • Learn more:

  • Sharing the love (and flowers!): If a bride doesn't want her bouquet after the ceremony, we'll brighten up a local community center or doctor's office {or even a good friend's home} with the leftover flowers to give them a new purpose and {hopefully!} extended life.

  • NFF Donations

    • For every elopement booked, Summit Mountain Weddings will donate $10 to the National Forest Foundation, which in turns helps plant 10 new trees! So cool!

    • Learn about more ways to give back to Mother Nature here:

  • Incorporates Fair Trade, organic coffee in everyday life (and in gifts to clients, sshhhh!)

    • Let's stop taking coffee for granted. This everyday piece of our lives (i.e. your morning lifeline) travels a long road and passes through countless hands before it hits our lips.

    • The coffee I use + sometimes send as gifts is ordered from a roaster in Boulder, CO that eliminates the middle-man.

    • This roaster works directly with producers to help small-scale farmers improve their production capabilities while also meeting their basic needs.

    • Learn more:

Do you have more ideas on how to bring mindfulness and environmentally-conscious practices to the day-to-day running of a business or daily life? Drop me a line {} or comment below - I'm always welcoming new ideas and suggestions!