A Toast to the Toaster: 8 Things to Remember When Planning a Wedding Toast

This blog is a creation of Petal and Bean, and is the original wedding blog for Summit County, Colorado. We've recently added new team members to Petal and Bean, and that includes Kayle Walker, guest blogger in today's post. We oversee a lot of events and we help plan events too. Let's check out what Kayle learned from attending a few weddings and from her wedding planning jobs here in Breckenridge and Keystone. Here's her tips for making your toast the best it can be. A Toast to the Toaster:  8 Things to Remember When Planning a Wedding Toast | Photo courtes of Kent Meireis Photography

A Toast to the Toaster: 8 Things to Remember When Planning a Wedding Toast - Kayle Walker

This past Saturday I was the Day-of-Coordinator for a wedding at the Keystone Resort's Ski Tip Lodge.  The day kicked off at Lord of the Mountain Church in Dillon. It's one of the best places in the County where you can have the ceremony inside with vast mountain views in the background.

The celebration continued and the night was filled with lots of dancing, including a tear-jerking father-daughter dance. I was witness to delicious food, beautiful flowers, and great conversation.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day.

One of the moments that stood out to me was the toasts. The bride's  two Matrons of Honor gave a personal speech with a small memento for the bride and groom. The ladies were a hard act to follow, but the Best Men followed with funny, personal stories about the groom. I truly enjoyed this part because I learned more about the bride and groom... so here’s a toast to the toasters!

So what’s the key to giving a good toast? Here's 8 tips from a planner.

1. Introduction: Introduce yourself and your connection to the bride/groom. Follow that by remarking about the {insert adjective here} event.

2. Be yourself, but don’t make it about you: Public speaking can be difficult so remember to be yourself! However, we know you’re a big part of the bride/groom’s life, but keep the focus on them and not you. It’s okay to tell a memory that includes you, but remember who you are honoring.

3. Keep it short: Short and sweet – less than 5 minutes. Also consider how many other people are giving toasts and adjust your time accordingly.

4. Don’t be negative: Don’t confuse humor with negativity. Don’t try to embarrass the bride/ groom by telling what you think is a “funny” story (i.e. Claire’s speech on Wedding Crashers). And whatever you do, don’t bring up exes (duh!).

5. Practice: Read it to your friends or family and get their feedback – especially if you’re using humor or telling a personal story. Write it down or bring notes if you need to, it’s not neccesarry to memorize your toast or give it impromptu.

6. Face the couple: Face the couple when you’re giving the toast and don’t forget to smile.

7. Appearance: Hit the restroom before you’re in the spotlight and straighten up. Your toast will likely be documented with a photo and/or video. Also... try not to be drunk! We know you want to have a good time, but you don’t want to be sloppy.

8. Actually Toast: You can get caught up with what you’re saying and forget to actually ask the guests to raise a glass. Finish your toast with a phrase such as, Cheers, Salute, etc. so the crowd knows you are finished.

It’s always fun to see the small details come together for a successful event. I thank the couple for letting me share in their joy, tears, and laughter on their special day. Contact Petal and Bean and Summit Mountain Weddings to learn more!