Using Workflowy and Online Tools to Plan Your Destination Wedding


Planning a wedding requires organizing lots of people and details, so that's why I wrote today's post about Using Workflowy and Online Tools to Plan Your Destination Wedding. No matter how small the wedding, there's always something important to keep track of. We used Minigroup while running Petal and Bean and coordinating flowers and planning. But, now there are other platforms that do similar function without the mini social network feel of the Minigroup.

Inspiration >> Wedding Blogs and Magazines

You can always start the good ol' fashioned way and pick up a few wedding magazines at Barnes and Noble or similar location. Check out the wedding planning aisle or just go online and see what they have. Either way, there are plenty of books that can inspire you with weddings with different colors, styles and at various locations. Atmosphere creates experience.

There are lots of national magazines that over style and overall planning tips. Regional print publications aren't comprehensive and can contain outdated information. Refer to online resources found in print to cross reference availability, new offerings, current specials and links to social profiles.

Organization >> New Media Technology

Most of these platforms run "in the cloud" and sync with all your devices, offering real-time updates and cross-collaboration. What does that mean? It means someone working on finding you a cake maker can cross that off the virtual list you make and let you know about it. It's about having access to the information you need, regardless of where you're at and the device you use.

For example, you can upload files, create folders for pictures, text documents, PDF's and other information regarding the planning of your event. You can share information with select individuals that you trusting to help you plan.

Personalization >> Social Media

A fun part of wedding planning is choosing who will be with you on your journey. Get to know vendors through recommendations from other vendors, online resources and their websites. There you should be able to find links to their social profiles on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Google+. Create circles on the plus, lists on Twitter, and public or secret pinboards, which can all be shared in a private Facebook group. Use a special hashtag and share photos on Instagram. Make your media social with these platforms. Thanks for reading and happy planning!

5 Tips for using hashtags at weddings


At Summit Mountain Weddings we like to keep our followers up on the current details of wedding in the area through our blog and now our very own Instagram page! If you attend a wedding in Summit County this summer, use the hashtag #breckwedding or if you not actually in Breck but close (like Keystone, Copper, Vail, Beaver Creek, etc.) use our handle @breckweddings. We would love to share your pictures on our Instagram and possibly on our blog!

5 Tips for using hashtags at weddings

  1. Never post a picture of the bride in her dress before the ceremony.  You might chance the groom seeing his bride before the ceremony, which is a wedding faux pas.
  2. Include the bride and grooms "handles" when you post.  This is their Instagram profile name with the @ symbol in front of it. This will allow them to see it as soon as you post.
  3. Let the photographer, DJ, and other vendors know about the hashtag.  They will probably be taking pictures throughout the event, and when everyone tags their photos using the hashtag, you'll get to see many different photography styles, angles and perspectives from the evening.
  4. Keep it classy. The hashtag creates your very own virtual wedding album and that means anyone could see it,  including grandma and grandpa.
  5.  Let guests know the hashtag.  Don't forget to tell your guests to use the #breckweddings hashtag at your wedding so that you can be featured on our blog or Instagram page.

5 Tips for using hashtags at weddings

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[HOW TO] Create Inspiration Boards Using Pinterest to Plan Your Destination Wedding in Colorado

Welcome to the world of Pinterest.  Being big fans of progressive technology, we're happy to show you this fabulous online tool that will allow you to create inspiration boards for anything you choose.  It's in beta, meaning you'll have to request an invite, but they come rather quickly, and pinning away you will be!  

Brides looking to capture anything and everything of their own personal style can create a board and add items they identify with.  Name another board "bouquets" and browse the wedding blogs and sites for inspiration and create a collection of colors, style and anything you think could provide inspiration for your bouquet.  Keep creating as many boards as you need to keep your ideas in one place.  

We've already created a few boards, and are already using it and Minigroup  to work with brides for our flower shop.  It's very easy to spend a lot of time on this site, so don't say we didn't warn you! ]  |  [HOW TO] Create Your Own Inspiration Boards Using Pinterest to Plan Your Destination Wedding in Colorado

Make sure to read the examples of brides using this online tool to help plan their wedding.  Always glance over the "about" page to make sure you're in the right place, and there's even a section devoted to etiquette.    

You can have your bridesmaids, moms, and other important influencers in your event "follow' your inspiration board, or even become a contributor.  |  [HOW TO] Create Your Own Inspiration Boards Using Pinterest to Plan Your Destination Wedding in Colorado

There are so basic options to get you started, the first being to add a pin.  You can also upload images from your computer that are your property or have permission to share.  Pinterest etiquette recommends citing original sources.  And, if you see a nice chair, table or piece of furniture, create a board of wishlist items that you'd like to see in your living room one day.  The options are endless...  |  [HOW TO] Create Your Own Inspiration Boards Using Pinterest to Plan Your Destination Wedding in Colorado


You can see a few of the images I had repinned to my "Groom-er" pinboard, with guy stuff on it.  Groom-er of a series of blog articles written for guys planning their Rocky Mountain wedding.  I put some style on there, but a few other surprises as well.  Be sure to follow other fun wedding blogs on Pinterest,  |  [HOW TO] Create Your Own Inspiration Boards Using Pinterest to Plan Your Destination Wedding in Colorado


So, check out  this new social network, but one we think that you'll soon be obsessed with, spending way too much time on, but finding out it's a brilliant way to organize random inspirations, ideas and details!  Please comment below if you're on Pinterest, so that others can find you from this blog.  

This is the start of your online collaboration between vendors, brides, planners, family and friends, all using the same platform to share inspiration, provide support and commentary, and most of all, to have a little fun while we plan all these weddings!  Thanks for reading and happy planning everyone.

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