[PLANNING] Time management and problem solving when planning your Breckenridge, Colorado wedding.


You've found this blog probably because you are searching for someone to help you plan your wedding or provide a particular service.  We understand that while wedding planning can be very fun, interesting, and entertaining, it is literally a second job.  So, one of the first things you need to do is to determine how much time you can realistically devote to figuring out all the details and following up with all the vendors.  Quickly, time management becomes a priority.

Did you know that wedding planning averages 250 hours while the typical engagement is 16 months long?  In my opinion, that's enough time to overthink and rush things that aren't necessarily that important at that moment. Certain things need to be figured out first, while others can wait.  We'll introduce a few sources for handy checklists and timelines very soon!

Breckenridge wedding planner |  Summit Mountain Weddings  |  Breckenridge and Keystone event design  |  photo[AllysiaAngus]

All of these new projects take time and energy, but are a lot of fun to research.   But, don't get stuck on one look, color or style of decor.  Your first idea probably won't be the one you'll stick with in the end, so go with the flow and enjoy the creative process because tomorrow you might find something else that will take you in a whole different direction.

There is also the budget that cannot be ignored.  We suggest having a rough idea of what you'd like to spend, but have a minimum and maximum to guide you along and to have some room for flexibility.  This allows for creative ways to stretch and maximize your dollars.

The real trick is making time for it all.  There are many resources, also literally at your fingertips, these days, and this is only one of them, but what makes this site different is that it's the only online resource dedicated to helping families, planners and vendors connect to plan weddings and special events in Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Dillon, Frisco, Keystone and Silverthorne, Colorado.

Breckenridge wedding planner |  Summit Mountain Weddings  |  Breckenridge and Keystone event design  |  photo[AllysiaAngus]

After buying flowers from countless distributors over the years, we have sourced not only the best flowers, but now know who the best vendors are for our local area that are able to complete the dream team you're looking for.  So, when it comes to your wedding, start to think about what time you have, what priorities you have, and who's going to help you with things get hectic. Half the fun is the imagining all the different possibilities that you could have for your wedding.  You've got the mountains already in mind, and Summit County is a world class year-round destination that is undeniably beautiful, family-friendly and filled with all sorts of activities for all kids of all ages.

We'll be exploring all the different venues, vendors and local attractions that are perfect for weddings, special events, vow renewals and elopements in the Rockies.  This last photo shows the kids at our wedding reception at the Carter Park Pavilion.  We knew we wanted our wedding to be (1) in the mountains and have (2) a lake experience with (3) lots of kids while (4) the family band played.  Those elements were important to us.  What's important to you?

Vendors + Map + Forum + Social = Future weddings in #sumco


What's #sumco mean?  We'll get to that in a minute.  We are happy to explain the options of this new site for you as an introduction to Summit Mountain Weddings.  We have a great vendor planning page, that shows you all the wonderful options that are available for you to meet your dream team.

We will share descriptions, contact info, social media links, and provide a place for reviews.  Each vendor will have a custom map placement for quick and easy to find reference.

Take it from a local delivery expert, who knows that Google maps can be wrong.  So, we've decided to painstakingly verify that all locations on our map are up-to-date and correct.

Vendor page for Summit Mountain Weddings was envisioned by Stacy Sanchez of Creative Flowers Inc | Petal and Bean in Breckenridge, Colorado.

We know how important it is to arrive at the correct location, on time, with your cargo intact.  Try delivering delicate flowers in the hot summer sun, driving on four wheel drive mining roads to reach the ceremony location.

Click on the map image on the right side bar and you'll see the start of a what will become the go-to-map for this area.

Want to ask a question about your wedding coming up?  Put it out there, and other brides, vendors and helpful locals will jump in and help out with some sage advice.

Forum for Summit Mountain Weddings is powered by local input and knowledge!

We're excited about all the possibilities from this site!  Contact us if you think we'd have something worth blogging about and sharing with everyone!

Please contact us if you think you have what it takes to be called a Summit Wedding Pro.  If so, we'd like to talk with you!  In the meantime, check back to see what's going on in the forum, or watch or updates on Facebook and Twitter.

And in case you're still wondering what the #sumco in the title is about, the short answer is it's a hashtag.  It makes for easy searching on Twitter.  Any tweets about Summit County can be tagged with the #sumco hashtag.

I'll be sharing tips on Twitter and Facebook too, and how it's used in weddings now, and what you can do to stay up to date on all the latest online tools.

Thanks everyone for your support and great feedback as this site was developed, you know who you are!!

One Size Does Not Fit All

Planning a Breckenridge wedding is an adventure because the mountains have inherent risks and splendors, while rewarding those that brave the elements with the ultimate experience!  And so it will be with your wedding.  And at above 9,000 feet, it will be epic. Just as ski boots are much comfier with a pair of custom liners made just for you, your wedding is not a cookie-cutter event, but a special blend of herbs and spices with a sprinkling of family and friends.

Bridal bouquet, Steve Z Photography, Salida Steamplant

Photo courtesy of Steve Z Photography

Just as this bridal bouquet is a simple and clean bundle, you can choose to have a mix of colors in your bouquet, an all-herb bouquet, or even an all-button bouquet.

And that's just the bouquet.  The planning and details that go into the choices and options for planning a wedding is definitely taking on another part-time job.  That's why we're here.  To help make it easier and quicker.  And more fun!

The beginning of a new community for wedding planning in Breckenridge and Summit County, Colorado


The story of this website starts with a little flower shop in Breckenridge, Colorado.  Dina and Stacy Sanchez, owners of Creative Flowers Inc. | Petal and Bean witnessed great feedback on the shop's blog and the local resources it shared.

Breckenridge wedding planning and resources

Stacy originally wanted to create a wedding-specific website for the flower shop, but quickly realized there was a lot of opportunity to talk about the other vendors, venues and local attractions.  And thus, the concept for a comprehensive online planning resource for Summit County was born.

Expert advice from local vendors, secret local knowledge and reviews will help our clients of tomorrow with the right tools today.  Our mountain community deserves a dedicated platform to creating superior mountain weddings, and this is it!