[Venue + Activities] The Day Lodge and the Frisco Adventure Park in Summit County, Colorado

You won't find this new venue on any other blog, because it's so new, that most folks don't even know about it.  Well, not anymore.  We're sharing the news about other possible venues and activity options around the Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Dillon, Frisco, Keystone and Silverthorne area.  

No longer the town you drive through to get to Breck, the Town of Frisco has made major investments to their offerings including massive upgrades to the marina (read about our pontoon parade here), including a restaurant.  There's even a downhill bike park and  a multi-use facility simply called the Day Lodge.

During the winter the adventure park becomes basecamp for the nordic center and tubing hill.  The video in this blog is with the blessing of mountain man, Mike Hagadorn.  Thanks for sharing this awesome video of the bike park!  


This is where you come in.  If you're  a downhill bike fiend and / or a skateboarder, well then, you're in luck.  There's both a skate park and a Frisco's latest addition, the bike park.  

The Day Lodge is a beautiful facility; however we strongly encourage you to visit the site prior to making a private use reservation as the facility was not designed for custom use and may or may not meet your individual needs.

The Day Lodge ]

Frisco Marina ]

Frisco Bike Park ]

[HOW TO] have a pontoon parade on Lake Dillon as part of your adventure wedding in Rockies.


When planning your Rocky Mountain wedding in Summit County, Colorado you can incorporate a water experience into your options with a rafting trip, fly fishing experience or even a pontoon parade.  Yes, that's exactly what we did for our friends and family.  We had our ceremony near the Frisco Bay Marina, and decided against the family kayaking chaos we envisioned and went with the pontoon parade idea.

Our pontoons were rented from the Frisco Bay Marina.   |  photo[AllysiaAngus]

Just after the ceremony, we boarded reserved pontoons (a must) and headed out towards the center of the lake through the islands.  We still remember my cousin, Glen, wearing his bluetooth opening up the throttle on the pontoon trying to pass us.  Our pontoon putt putt quickly turned into a scene from Miami Vice as I wondered who was so important that might call that warranted sporting a bluetooth earpiece.

Post wedding ceremony pontoon parade on Lake Dillon.   |  photo[AllysiaAngus]

Looking back, I'm glad we were able to share the experience of being on the water in the mountains with our friends and family.  We did get a big wave from a passing Sheriff's boat put enough water in the front of our pontoon that we thought we might be swimming for a second!  We drained our shoes and wore flip flops the rest of the night!

Eye protection is very important.  He's also wearing a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) and sunscreen (SPF 60).  |  photo[AllysiaAngus]

Enjoying a still moment as we watch a sailboat regatta on the Lake.  |  photo[AllysiaAngus]

Dina and Stacy celebrating on Lake Dillon!  |  photo[AllysiaAngus]

Heading back towards the Frisco Bay Marina after our post wedding pontoon parade on the lake.  |  photo[AllysiaAngus]

// Photos courtesy of our longtime friend, Allysia Angus.

Frisco Lodge


Welcome to the Frisco Lodge Bed and Breakfast… “Your Home Away From Home,” offering fabulous hospitality and service, richly appointed guest rooms, gourmet culinary delights, and incomparable historic ambiance.

Our location, in the heart of Summit County, with Frisco’s unparalleled easy access to the four world-class resorts, and the many recreation areas including Lake Dillon that surround the town, provides easy access to the area’s exceptional opportunities including  hiking, cycling, fishing, golf, rafting, sailing, or simply relaxing in our Rocky Mountain  wonderland. We are located on Frisco’s Historic Main Street – “The Main Street to the Rockies™” with just an easy stroll to Frisco’s finest dining, shopping, and nightlife.

Our family has operated the Lodge for over 50 years, always eager to provide local insights and to visit with friends, old and new.  Originally built as a stagecoach stop in 1885, the Lodge is a unique B&B, consistently voted the best Bed and Breakfast in Summit County,whose past is steeped in the rich history of the area.

Each morning, guests awaken to a delicious gourmet breakfast. While savoring breakfast, enjoy yourself with friends and acquaintances from around the world in the cozy breakfast room or at the living room’s community dining table.  Relax in the award winning courtyard or on the observation deck overlooking Eagles Nest Wilderness Area. Whether you’re seeking an exhilarating outdoor adventure, a tranquil sojourn, or merely escaping the heat of lower climates, the Frisco Lodge is your perfect summer get-away to experience our area’s wide variety of activities.

Each afternoon, after the day’s adventures, return to the Lodge and enjoy wine and cheese, fresh lemonade, cookies, and other delights. Enjoy the scenic decks and gardens to relax while listening to soothing music from the courtyard sound system.
As the day is waning, relax in the hot tub and snuggle around the outdoor fireplace, the courtyard campfire, or in the comfortable surroundings of our Retreat Room. Visit with new-found friends under the stars as evening unfolds.  There is no better way to unwind from your day’s adventures.

We invite you to stay with us at the Frisco Lodge and explore Summit County’s fabulous summer for the time of your life! In order to provide the best experience to as many guests as possible, The Frisco Lodge has a no smoking and no pets policy.

[PLANNING] Time management and problem solving when planning your Breckenridge, Colorado wedding.


You've found this blog probably because you are searching for someone to help you plan your wedding or provide a particular service.  We understand that while wedding planning can be very fun, interesting, and entertaining, it is literally a second job.  So, one of the first things you need to do is to determine how much time you can realistically devote to figuring out all the details and following up with all the vendors.  Quickly, time management becomes a priority.

Did you know that wedding planning averages 250 hours while the typical engagement is 16 months long?  In my opinion, that's enough time to overthink and rush things that aren't necessarily that important at that moment. Certain things need to be figured out first, while others can wait.  We'll introduce a few sources for handy checklists and timelines very soon!

Breckenridge wedding planner |  Summit Mountain Weddings  |  Breckenridge and Keystone event design  |  photo[AllysiaAngus]

All of these new projects take time and energy, but are a lot of fun to research.   But, don't get stuck on one look, color or style of decor.  Your first idea probably won't be the one you'll stick with in the end, so go with the flow and enjoy the creative process because tomorrow you might find something else that will take you in a whole different direction.

There is also the budget that cannot be ignored.  We suggest having a rough idea of what you'd like to spend, but have a minimum and maximum to guide you along and to have some room for flexibility.  This allows for creative ways to stretch and maximize your dollars.

The real trick is making time for it all.  There are many resources, also literally at your fingertips, these days, and this is only one of them, but what makes this site different is that it's the only online resource dedicated to helping families, planners and vendors connect to plan weddings and special events in Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Dillon, Frisco, Keystone and Silverthorne, Colorado.

Breckenridge wedding planner |  Summit Mountain Weddings  |  Breckenridge and Keystone event design  |  photo[AllysiaAngus]

After buying flowers from countless distributors over the years, we have sourced not only the best flowers, but now know who the best vendors are for our local area that are able to complete the dream team you're looking for.  So, when it comes to your wedding, start to think about what time you have, what priorities you have, and who's going to help you with things get hectic. Half the fun is the imagining all the different possibilities that you could have for your wedding.  You've got the mountains already in mind, and Summit County is a world class year-round destination that is undeniably beautiful, family-friendly and filled with all sorts of activities for all kids of all ages.

We'll be exploring all the different venues, vendors and local attractions that are perfect for weddings, special events, vow renewals and elopements in the Rockies.  This last photo shows the kids at our wedding reception at the Carter Park Pavilion.  We knew we wanted our wedding to be (1) in the mountains and have (2) a lake experience with (3) lots of kids while (4) the family band played.  Those elements were important to us.  What's important to you?

[Hindsight 20/20] Groom's advice: Ask for help, so you can enjoy the day.


Looking back, all my friends and family coming to Breckenridge for our wedding was a dream come true.  To have everyone together for a few amazing hours was totally worth it.  Relishing the moment and remembering how each person played a role in your life is an indescribable feeling.  You'll know what I mean when you have yours.

This is why it's called SUMMIT COUNTY.  |  photo[robinjohnsonphoto.com]  Breckenridge Wedding Photography

We chose to have our wedding on the shore of Lake Dillon at the Frisco Bay Marina.  We worked it out that a patch of grass be maintained to where we could have our ceremony looking at two fourteeners in the distance, with mountains surrounding us.

This is why it's called SUMMIT COUNTY.  |  photo[robinjohnsonphoto.com]  Breckenridge Wedding Photography

As someone who's in the wedding industry, and lives in Breckenridge, it was still very time-consuming to explore options, talk to vendors and finalize details.  We not only have knowledge and experience of working many weddings and special events in the area, but we also know what it's like to have the worries about money, who pays for what and the concerns of planning this whole experience for everyone.

We know the problems that you'll encounter and the choices you'll have to make.   What's best is that we also know the people you need to solve those problems.  You'll get a piece of mind knowing that real mountain folks are helping you plan your mountain wedding.

This is why it's called SUMMIT COUNTY.  |  photo[robinjohnsonphoto.com]  Breckenridge Wedding Photography

Groom's Tip - Ask for help

Looking back, I would have asked a few more of the guys to pitch in and help out, so I could've relaxed more.  After a late night catching up, all the guys were busy or conveniently missing when I set up the chairs for the ceremony.

I really didn't mind working a bit at my own wedding, but now realize I wish I would've taken it a bit more easy and utilized the man power that was present.

I guess I wanted everyone to enjoy themselves, and not have to strain themselves, as most of the visitors were not used to the altitude.  Working many events over the years, I've now seen how many bridal parties don't do much but take pictures, eat great food and enjoy the moment.  I did just that, but in my own way.

After the ceremony we had a pontoon parade that toured Lake Dillon and created a perspective that you don't see from terra firma.  We're kayakers and enjoy the peaceful morning paddles and that's what prompted us to share this lake experience during our mountain wedding.  A speeding boat created a tense-filled moment where I thought my new wife and I would be swimming in the cold, alpine lake.  But, that is for another story...

*Photo courtesy of Robin Johnson, a true Breckenridge local.  She's a lot of fun, and would be a great way to support the local economy.  Please visit her website,  and Facebook page to learn more.

[HOLIDAY] Memorial Day weekend in the mountains


A never-ending winter just won't seem to go away, as we head into the first week of June and lots of snow still clings to the upper slopes.  You can't ride the epic singletrack that can be found in the alpine realm of Summit County,  but you can still have a great experience in the mountains.  There are lots of lower trails that melt sooner than others.  We can tell you which are ready, and which aren't.

10th Mountain Division Statue - Breckenridge, Colorado  |  photo[stacysanchez]

Around town, it's a great opportunity for dining as restaurants offer a classic mud-season incentive, 2-for-1's!  Check the local paper to see who's in on this deal, as some restaurants wait until June to reopen.

10th Mountain Division Statue - Breckenridge, Colorado  |  photo[stacysanchez]

After learning more about the 10th Mountain Division, I felt I wanted to share the local connection to this group, and that is a statue near the Blue River in downtown Breckenridge.  The first military group that was devoted to mountain warfare, this amazing group of individuals were experts at skiing, mountaineering and technical climbing, as well as how to live as comfortable as possible while being cold, wet and hungry.

10th Mountain Division Statue - Breckenridge, Colorado  |  photo[stacysanchez]

After the war, these men went on to become founders of ski areas, ski school instructors and influential members of the ski industry.  To say that they have a part of the current mountain culture near Summit County, Colorado would be an understatement.

10th Mountain Division Statue - Breckenridge, Colorado  |  photo[stacysanchez]

The benefits of choosing this time of year for your mountain wedding is that you can have a quiet mountain town "all to yourself", and get some great deals on lodging while missing the crowds of the busier holiday weekends.  Skiing is still available at Arapahoe Basin, you can go rafting or fly fishing, or hit the bike path for some early season biking.   Art galleries, museums and restaurants are just waiting.  Yeah, there's snow up there still, but they're not going anywhere.

10th Mountain Division Statue - Breckenridge, Colorado  |  photo[stacysanchez]

Memorial Day weekend is a great choice for a mountain wedding in Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Dillon, Frisco, Keystone or Silverthorne, Colorado.  Too bad you can't use the hut system this time of year, but now is when they restock and resupply for the summer season.  To help or volunteer, check out the options here:  http://bit.ly/hutsystem

Cool air and warm sun make up spring weather in the mountains, and definitely be prepared for rain, possibly snow on any given day, regardless of forecast.  There was brilliant sun over the weekend, but today was breezy, saw a bit of graupel, and was only in the upper 40's.  It should be in the 70's the rest of the week.  Perfect mountain weather if you ask me.

Vendors + Map + Forum + Social = Future weddings in #sumco


What's #sumco mean?  We'll get to that in a minute.  We are happy to explain the options of this new site for you as an introduction to Summit Mountain Weddings.  We have a great vendor planning page, that shows you all the wonderful options that are available for you to meet your dream team.

We will share descriptions, contact info, social media links, and provide a place for reviews.  Each vendor will have a custom map placement for quick and easy to find reference.

Take it from a local delivery expert, who knows that Google maps can be wrong.  So, we've decided to painstakingly verify that all locations on our map are up-to-date and correct.

Vendor page for Summit Mountain Weddings was envisioned by Stacy Sanchez of Creative Flowers Inc | Petal and Bean in Breckenridge, Colorado.

We know how important it is to arrive at the correct location, on time, with your cargo intact.  Try delivering delicate flowers in the hot summer sun, driving on four wheel drive mining roads to reach the ceremony location.

Click on the map image on the right side bar and you'll see the start of a what will become the go-to-map for this area.

Want to ask a question about your wedding coming up?  Put it out there, and other brides, vendors and helpful locals will jump in and help out with some sage advice.

Forum for Summit Mountain Weddings is powered by local input and knowledge!

We're excited about all the possibilities from this site!  Contact us if you think we'd have something worth blogging about and sharing with everyone!

Please contact us if you think you have what it takes to be called a Summit Wedding Pro.  If so, we'd like to talk with you!  In the meantime, check back to see what's going on in the forum, or watch or updates on Facebook and Twitter.

And in case you're still wondering what the #sumco in the title is about, the short answer is it's a hashtag.  It makes for easy searching on Twitter.  Any tweets about Summit County can be tagged with the #sumco hashtag.

I'll be sharing tips on Twitter and Facebook too, and how it's used in weddings now, and what you can do to stay up to date on all the latest online tools.

Thanks everyone for your support and great feedback as this site was developed, you know who you are!!