One Size Does Not Fit All

Planning a Breckenridge wedding is an adventure because the mountains have inherent risks and splendors, while rewarding those that brave the elements with the ultimate experience!  And so it will be with your wedding.  And at above 9,000 feet, it will be epic. Just as ski boots are much comfier with a pair of custom liners made just for you, your wedding is not a cookie-cutter event, but a special blend of herbs and spices with a sprinkling of family and friends.

Bridal bouquet, Steve Z Photography, Salida Steamplant

Photo courtesy of Steve Z Photography

Just as this bridal bouquet is a simple and clean bundle, you can choose to have a mix of colors in your bouquet, an all-herb bouquet, or even an all-button bouquet.

And that's just the bouquet.  The planning and details that go into the choices and options for planning a wedding is definitely taking on another part-time job.  That's why we're here.  To help make it easier and quicker.  And more fun!