Rental mandap for a destination wedding in Keystone, Colorado


Looking for a Keystone wedding planner who can help you find a rental mandap for your destination wedding in Keystone, Colorado? We now know some quality resources for vintage chairs, fancy chairs, linens, and stages to finish the look and setting you're envisioning. We are seeing more and more Indian weddings in Summit County and the Vail Valley, so ask us how we can help bring your dream to life. Please contact us to learn more. And no, this image is not of the mandap being used at a destination wedding in Keystone. This is from when we set it up in our parking lot to go over the piece. We've had this mandap created, and another arch, a sign post, and we've recently purchased mercury glass votives, candy jar type glassware, and rustic birdcages. We're expanding those options right now, so contact us to see what we've added recently. Thanks for reading!

The day after the wedding and event rentals.


A lot of couples are decorating their weddings with a team of bridesmaids and family members, but sometimes forget to think about the day after the wedding and the event rentals. This is an easy one to overlook, however, on busy weekends, some venues have vendors remove all items from the reception room that night. Is that something you want your guests to be doing at 11 o'clock at night? It takes me about an hour to pack everything up and put it in the car. Then, another hour to drive and unpack. Or, if your venue is flexible, you can send some folks over the next morning to deal with boxes, glassware and leftover flowers.

My suggestion to you is to consider a wedding planner, and to make sure that they will return the next day to grab any items left behind. Not all wedding planners will offer this, as they won't always live in the vicinity of the wedding, and need to return home to tend to families. Ask us how we can help fill in the blanks when it comes to the details like this. It's not hard, but it will take time. We can help figure it out.

Aspen trees in Breckenridge, Colorado

After a few days of cold and snow, it's back to sun and the last colors found in the aspen trees in Breckenridge, Colorado. With more snow expected this weekend and the snow guns turning on at night, everyone's anticipating what the ski season will be like. Either way, there are a few trees in the high country holding color, but you better get here quick to see them. Otherwise, there are other places in the state that are peaking right now. Please contact us to learn more about scenic locations for drives, photo shoots and destination weddings.

[ Vendor ] Q&A w/ Kevin Abernathy of Colorado Tents and Events - Breckenridge, Colorado Event Rentals

Introducing the Breckenridge Bridal Bash!  | hosted by

Today's blog is a sampling of what kind of advice you can expect to hear from local wedding pro, Kevin Abernathy of Colorado Tents and Events, a special event rental company that specializes in the mountain areas near Breckenridge, Colorado.  

Destination weddings in the Rocky Mountains use lots of local resources to pull all the pieces together, and renting items from trusted resources is a good idea.  They can help you save time and money.  And that's what brides and grooms can expect to do if they come to the first-ever Breckenridge Bridal Bash on June 1-3.

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[ Vendor ] Q&A w/ Kevin Abernathy of Colorado Tents and Events

A tent outside the Elk Ridge Ranch, south of Breckenridge is dressed up with florals from Petal and Bean.

Q. Who are you and what’s your role in the Breckenridge wedding scene?

A. Kevin Abernathy with Colorado Tents & Events.  We are a full service party rental company specializing in outdoor events in the Colorado Rockies.  From tents, tables and chairs to china, glassware, flatware and more chances are we have the equipment you're looking for for your big day!
My personal experience, having been in the industry for just over 10 years, is a valuable resource to my clients especially when it comes to finding unique locations and talking through the logistics of each location to best fit each client.
[ Vendor ] Q&A w/ Kevin Abernathy of Colorado Tents and Events
Q. Any advice for couples planning their wedding in the Breckenridge area?
A. My biggest piece of advice is to make sure to plan your wedding around you, the wedding couple.  The wedding celebration is about your friends and families coming together to celebrate you, so if you can plan aspects that communicate your likes and who you are as a couple through food, through location, through flowers, through activities etc...then everyone get's to truly celebrate and experience the two of you.  This is not to say that you can pay no attention to certain details such as food and any special needs of your friends and family, however, don't plan the whole meal around those special needs...plan around the two of you and incorporate their needs.
[ Vendor ] Q&A w/ Kevin Abernathy of Colorado Tents and Events
Q. Ski or snowboard? What do you do in the summertime for fun?
A. In the winter I'm a skier...definitely  have not been enjoying as much as I should that's the goal for 2012/2013, get on the slopes more.  In the summertime, I enjoy taking my dog Buddy out kayaking on Lake Dillon, camping with friends, hiking and my new found love of water skiing.
[ Vendor ] Q&A w/ Kevin Abernathy of Colorado Tents and Events
Q. Top 3 family-friendly hikes for families visiting for the wedding?
A. The biggest piece of advice would be to hold off on Quandary until after your wedding!  I had a client a few years ago where the "boys" went on the Quandary hike the day before the wedding and unfortunately the groom had come back with a few broken bones and was in a wheelchair for the ceremony.  Definitely a memorable experience for all involved, however, let's make other memories that are less painful!  
I don't really know the names of the trails, but there are some nice hiking grounds that take off from the Ice Rink in Breckenridge, there's the Blair Witch loop off of Tiger Road by the old Dredge Boat and a very nice hike is the Peaks trail from Peak 8 in Breckenridge to Frisco and then take the bus back to Breck.
[ Vendor ] Q&A w/ Kevin Abernathy of Colorado Tents and Events
Kevin talks to the local wedding pros from the Breckenridge Resort Chamber at the barn.
Q.  What’s an important factor that couples don’t want to overlook? 
A. So many times I've seen couples more stressed out about the whole process that they cannot enjoy it.  I would say to make sure to begin getting your ducks in a row early on so that you can have fun in the planning process and therefore ensure that your special day is fun and not a stressful experience.  
If you are a "control freak" perhaps this is a great opportunity to delegate to someone whether that be a friend or a professional wedding planner/coordinator to do this for you.  Make sure that both of you are involved in the planning together as you don't want a huge surprise on the day of, but also it's a great way for the two of you to enjoy each other while planning for this special day.  Please remember that you do not have to try and "out do" your sister's wedding or your cousin's wedding...those things won't ever matter 20 years down the road, however, capturing the essence of the two of you on your special day will.  
If that means having a celebration for 300 people or if that means a more intimate celebration of 30 people do what is best for you not just to get a "one-up" on someone else.  Finally, don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful space of Breckenridge.  
When you plan a "planning trip' make sure to add an extra hour or an extra day or two to enjoy all that Breckenridge has to offer.  Go for a small hike and plan a romantic picnic, visit the museums or mines if history is your passion, enjoy local art at the many galleries, take a moment to grab a local cup of java and sit on the natural rocks by the Blue River listening to the sounds of the water, walk up and down Main Street searching for those unique shops you know your friends and family members absolutely have to visit while they are here, catch the local entertainment at either of the local live theaters or a concert at the Riverwalk Center.  Whatever you do make sure to make it different from your routine back home so that your entire memory of your special day can be relived through pictures, stories and the moments you create together!
[ Vendor ] Q&A w/ Kevin Abernathy of Colorado Tents and Events
Please mention this blog to Angela Wirth of the Breckenridge Resort Chamber when you sign up!  Click on the logo at the top of the page to register.  And be sure to tell Kevin you read his advice at the bash itself.  See you there!