[Hindsight 20/20] Groom's advice: Ask for help, so you can enjoy the day.


Looking back, all my friends and family coming to Breckenridge for our wedding was a dream come true.  To have everyone together for a few amazing hours was totally worth it.  Relishing the moment and remembering how each person played a role in your life is an indescribable feeling.  You'll know what I mean when you have yours.

This is why it's called SUMMIT COUNTY.  |  photo[robinjohnsonphoto.com]  Breckenridge Wedding Photography

We chose to have our wedding on the shore of Lake Dillon at the Frisco Bay Marina.  We worked it out that a patch of grass be maintained to where we could have our ceremony looking at two fourteeners in the distance, with mountains surrounding us.

This is why it's called SUMMIT COUNTY.  |  photo[robinjohnsonphoto.com]  Breckenridge Wedding Photography

As someone who's in the wedding industry, and lives in Breckenridge, it was still very time-consuming to explore options, talk to vendors and finalize details.  We not only have knowledge and experience of working many weddings and special events in the area, but we also know what it's like to have the worries about money, who pays for what and the concerns of planning this whole experience for everyone.

We know the problems that you'll encounter and the choices you'll have to make.   What's best is that we also know the people you need to solve those problems.  You'll get a piece of mind knowing that real mountain folks are helping you plan your mountain wedding.

This is why it's called SUMMIT COUNTY.  |  photo[robinjohnsonphoto.com]  Breckenridge Wedding Photography

Groom's Tip - Ask for help

Looking back, I would have asked a few more of the guys to pitch in and help out, so I could've relaxed more.  After a late night catching up, all the guys were busy or conveniently missing when I set up the chairs for the ceremony.

I really didn't mind working a bit at my own wedding, but now realize I wish I would've taken it a bit more easy and utilized the man power that was present.

I guess I wanted everyone to enjoy themselves, and not have to strain themselves, as most of the visitors were not used to the altitude.  Working many events over the years, I've now seen how many bridal parties don't do much but take pictures, eat great food and enjoy the moment.  I did just that, but in my own way.

After the ceremony we had a pontoon parade that toured Lake Dillon and created a perspective that you don't see from terra firma.  We're kayakers and enjoy the peaceful morning paddles and that's what prompted us to share this lake experience during our mountain wedding.  A speeding boat created a tense-filled moment where I thought my new wife and I would be swimming in the cold, alpine lake.  But, that is for another story...

*Photo courtesy of Robin Johnson, a true Breckenridge local.  She's a lot of fun, and would be a great way to support the local economy.  Please visit her website,  and Facebook page to learn more.

[HOW TO] Plan your Wedding Flowers, a Step by Step guide – Part 3


The following is part 2 of 3 in a Wedding Floral Planning blog series by the Flower Maven, Dina Sanchez of Creative Flowers Inc | Petal and Bean, a 17 year Breckenridge flower shop owner.  Dina has created custom bridal bouquets for over 1,000 weddings in her professional career as a florist.

Last week we discussed selecting your florist.  This week lets finalize the details!

Custom made bouquet for a fall wedding at the Keystone Ranch in Keystone, Colorado  |  photo[stevetinettiphoto.com]

Step 7 -  Finalize the details.

In my experience, no bride can be 100% sure at her initial consultation on what the final order will be.  There are usually options to be considered and may want to make changes.  Important decisions should be made three months before the wedding, leave a little room for creativity, but be sure to check when final decisions must be made by.

Step 8 - One month before.

Call your florist and review the final number of table centerpieces, guest count, and total number of boutonnieres and corsages.  Confirm times for delivery and set-up for flowers, arrival of photographer and provide phone numbers for any key contacts, planners or day of helpers.

Step 9 - On your wedding day.

Relax and enjoy!  You've employed a professional florist and you can now carry your personalized, customized bridal bouquet on your wedding day.  Enjoy the beauty of their artistry and expertise.  Make sure that someone dries the stems of the bouquets before walking down the aisle.  Schedule photographs soon before or directly after the ceremony to avoid wilting.

*Photo courtesy of Steve Tinetti Photography.  And be sure to check out his blog, "where soft pillows and purple monkeys await."