[Groom-er] Online Audience Follows Real-time Proposal Shared on Instagram and Twitter. #MikeProposes

It's no secret that we're big fans of technology.  We share lots of photos through our various platforms, and you can see us live-posting from events around Breckenridge, Summit County and the Vail Valley.  But, today's post is about a guy from Winnepeg who tweeted as his proposal unfolded.  His girlfriend had no clue that an online audience followed.  He started by letting his twitter followers in on the deal with this tweet: "Tomorrow I'm proposing to my girlfriend. I'll be using the hashtag. Follow along! "   

[Groom-er] Online Audience Follows Real-time Proposal Shared on Instagram and Twitter. #MikeProposes

 According to an an online article from The Next Web,  "he took his girlfriend on a 12-hour date, involving 8 different locations, each with a special meaning.  Without her knowing, he had brought the entire Twitterverse along with them for the ride. According to the Winnipeg Sun, he also gained hundreds of followers in the process." 

[Groom-er] Online Audience Follows Real-time Proposal Shared on Instagram and Twitter. #MikeProposes

 We love the creativity of today's guys and how they're using social technologies to have fun with their proposals and weddings.  It's a great way to add an element to a great story that did not exist a few years ago.  With guys like this setting the bar, what's next?  A great summary of tweets can be seen on Storify by clicking here.    

[Groom-er] Online Audience Follows Real-time Proposal Shared on Instagram and Twitter. #MikeProposes

[How To] Create Chocolate Millenium Falcons and Disco Ball Helmets. Groom-er DIY projects.

We keep hearing from our brides and clients that the guys are really getting into contributing towards the wedding.  In their own way, of course.  While many stare into space while discussing all the different flower options, others jump at the chance to let their style, taste and preferences known.  We encourage the brides, sisters, planners and families reading this blog to show the guys the articles we're writing with the Groom in mind.

Click here and you'll be taken to our Groom-er board on our Pinterest page.  There you'll see lots of style options for dressing up the guys, and even a few DIY projects that I just had to throw in there.  Even if all you get is a good laugh, my job is done.  I want to make your destination wedding planning fun, and that includes looking at sometimes hilarious, yet very doable, DIY projects.   

[How To] Create a Disco Ball Helmet for your Bride-to-be.  A Groom-er DIY project.

If you're planning a winter wedding for next season, then you'll have plenty of time to get the materials to create something spectacular and fun for your bride-to-be to wear around the slopes.  Perhaps you both have'em and hire a photographer to do an adventure photo session sometime before the wedding, or even on the day of the wedding.  It's up to you.  We think it would be a interesting way to make the day that much more fun!  Click on the image to go to the pin that links to the article.

[Groom-er] How To Make Chocolate Millenium Falcons For Your Wedding Favors

And yes, they'll melt in your Han Solo (sorry, had to), but these chocolate Millenium Falcons could be just the way to personalize one of the gatherings.  They could be tested out at a weekend grilling party, and then created the week of the wedding to be used at the rehearsal dinner, instead of a groom's cake, or even at the wedding, as favors.

[How To] Create Chocolate Millenium Falcons and Disco Ball Helmets. Groom-er DIY projects.

One last piece of advice.  Don't let any trend articles scare you away from what you want to have at your wedding.  Those are only opinions of what's in and out.  Who cares.  There are no rules anymore.  What's most important is to find your own style, showcase your quirks and have fun with your idiosyncrasies as individuals, and that includes showing to your friends and family that the force will be with you, always.

[GROOM-ER] Finding Inspiration on How to Dress the Boys using Pinterest

He might not care if you get table runners, or if the vases are square and short, or  you choose tall cylinder vases.  He does care about what kind of skis or board he rides on, so eventually he's gonna realize and care about what he's wearing on the big day.   You can simple, flashy or totally off-the-hook if you want to.  We'd say most of the mountain brides we work with gravitate towards a classic look for the guy, with lots of dark suits, with bursts of color from boutonierres or even bowties.

Here is an interesting way to get the groom-to-be, or groom-er as we like to call'em around here, involved in the overall style of the wedding.  Use Pinterest.  Yep, we said it.  If he's a fan of using his smartphone, ipad or laptop, ask him to try out this new social inspiration board builder.  You can use it for practically anything, but it makes planning weddings and events a lot of fun.  We're using it now with our brides, and you can use it as a couple to build an inspiration board that shows your style as a couple.  You can then share this board with your other vendors, so that they can see what you're into.  

         >> Check out our Groom-er board to get in on the action.

Hand him the controls from your profile to get started.  Start a board called, "stuff I'd like see to my guy in on our wedding day", or "our couple style" and it might not be such a bad idea to create one called "NO WAY!"  Show him what you're attracted to, and ask him to bring out his style on a board, to pin some stuff that he might consider, or even have him create his own profile to start his own boards.  

[GROOM-ER] Finding Inspiration on How to Dress the Boys using Pinterest

Contact us for invite to Pinterest, as it's officially in beta.  Send us an email, mention this blog post, and you'll be pinning in no time.  And if you're a pinner yourself already, then please practice your good pinning habits and give photo credit and links.  Thanks for reading!

[GROOM-ER] Finding Inspiration on How to Dress the Boys using Pinterest

If you know of any good groom-related wedding boards, please add a comment to this blog post.  Thanks for helping create an awesome online wedding community!

P.S. - We were just contacted by a national trade publication about our use of Pinterest for our business, and they wanted to use screenshots of some of our boards in their read!  We'll share more as this story develops into a print article.  

[GROOM-ER] The Ski and Tee. The Best of Both Worlds. Go Skiing and Golfing in the Same Day.

If you're looking for an epic Colorado adventure, look no further than hitting the slopes in the morning, and then playing a round of golf in the afternoon.  Grab your skis, your clubs, and maybe even a Red Bull ( or stop at the local coffee shop) to help fuel you through this unique Rocky Mountain experience.

When the air's cold enough, the resorts can make snow and open once they have a top-to-bottom patch ready.  So, in Summit County, that means that you can head up to the Arapahoe Ski and Snowboard Area.  Go ski or ride for a while to get your fix before heading down to swing the clubs for a few hours.  

Of course, there's not a whole lot of terrain open until the heavier snows arrive, but, c'mon it is October, and the fact that you can pull this off is pretty amazing.  

[ arapahoe basin ski and snowboard area ]

[GROOM-ER]  The Ski and Tee.  The Best of Both Worlds.  Go skiing and then go golfing in the same day.

Not too many other places in the world offer these two activities in the same day, and with renting skis, etc., it can take time and energy to organize.  Do you really want your buddy taking care of all that?  

That's where we come in.  Please comment below if you've pulled this off, or if you'd like us to arrange a guy's trip specific to your wants and needs.  I can even see hitting up the Dillon Dam Brewery for lunch and a local microbrew before heading to the course.

[ dillon dam brewery ]

[GROOM-ER]  The Ski and Tee.  The Best of Both Worlds.  Go skiing and then go golfing in the same day.

Groom-er // Because it's not all about her.  

No matter the time of year when you want to come out to the mountains, we know which trails are dry, which slopes are open, and most importantly, where to find the info about which roads are open.  Ask us how we can help you save time and money with your wedding and group party planning for the Rockies.  Mention the Ski and Tee blog post and we'll throw in a gift certificate for a growler of a local microbrew.  


[GROOM-ER] Because it's Not All About Her // Exploring Cucumber Gulch in Breckenridge, Colorado

Here's the deal.  You're in downtown Breckenridge with the boys and want to check out some trails that are close.  Where do you go?  Just look to the west, and you see that big hump where the gondola climbs over?  Well, that's the Shock Hill area, and nestled in those trees you'll find the Pence Miller trail, among others, that are stretched out between the Breckenridge Nordic Center and the Cucumber Gulch, wetlands area.

[GROOM-ER] Because it's Not All About Her // Exploring Cucumber Gulch in Breckenridge, Colorado  |  photo[carlscofield.com]

A sweet connector from the downtown area is the Morning Thunder trail, which is found next to the Mountain Thunder Lodge.  A nice bachelor party ride could start in this area and (for the hardcore) extend the ride onto the Peaks trail, or even explore the trails on the mountain itself.  

It's not a huge area, but you could stretch out a ride to an hour or two, especially if you stop to take photos, or smoke a cigar (yes, while mountain biking with the boys, it does happen).  Stop and check out Josie's cabin, which lies next to the wetlands, and "just below to the left" using the photo as a point of reference. 

Moose have been seen in the Cucumber Gulch area, so please use caution here.  The gondola flies overhead as you explore trails you never knew existed where right under you this whole time.  Explore this area, and get to know Breck like you never have before.  

If you like this idea and want to talk to us about setting up this bachelor party with all the details, contact us with your group size, activities sought, and lodging preferences.  We've got some great things planned, and we're just getting started!  

>> Photos courtesy of Carl Scofield, a Breckenridge resident since 1981, freelance photographer since 1985, and currently is the Resident Artist in the Breckenridge Arts District’s Fuqua Livery Stable.  Please visit www.carlscofield.com to learn more.

[GROOM-ER] Because It's Not All About Her // Top 4 Things Guys Need To Know When Planning A Mountain Wedding

Ladies, grab your guy and show him this article as he drinks a beer after work, or just email him this link, so he'll have it to look at later when he's got time.  Introducing Groom-er!  This new blog installment on Summit Mountain Weddings is just for the mountain dudes.

GUYS: START READING HERE.  Where do you start when planning a mountain wedding in a town where you don't even live?  Even if you did live here, do you know the party and event scene?  Well, guys, you now have a resource to ask questions, find solutions and get things done.  

She's planning the wedding in the mountains, so here's an article by a guy just for the guys.  And we'll keep it to once a week, y'know so, not to overwhelm or bug you with all this wedding stuff too much.  We'll give you some homework and send you on your way.  Thanks for reading and be sure to ask questions on our forum too!

Top 4 Things Guys Need To Know When Planning A Mountain Wedding  |   photo[© Katie Girtman]

What is this new website you ask?  Summit Mountain Weddings is the best online planning resource for guys getting married in the mountains because all of a sudden, you're dealing with stuff you thought you'd never have to think about.  We'll be sharing some guy-specfic stuff that only a guy would think of.  

Because face it guys, we're just different.  What's important to us, is not to them, and vice versa.  I've narrowed it down to a four general tips to get you started, so here's what you need to start thinking about.  

Top 4 Things Guys Need To Know When Planning A Mountain Wedding

 1 - Determine your level of involvement.  

Do you really care what kind of linens go on the tables or should that be her decision?  Has she been dreaming about her wedding since she was 5, or is a bit more relaxed?  Find out where you can be of help and contribute there.  Check in with her weekly, and ask if she needs any help with anything.  Find out where she's stressed and be the hero and problem-solver.  Your caretaker duties are calling big time here.

2 - Ask for help when you need it.  Find trusted professionals and ask for recommendations.

Find what does interest you and take charge of that area of the planning.  Find ways to satisfy the basics and splurge on what's most important to you.  What would you like your guests to remember?  If you're unable to find these resources on your own, ask for help.  It's a good idea to make an investment in a professional planner who is familiar with the area if it works with your budget.

3 - Find a way for the guys to enjoy the mountains while everyone's in town.  

You're in the mountains for your wedding, so depending on the season, you should explore local options for fun and easy excursions.  Determine your posse's fitness level, and if human or motorized pursuits are in your future.  Discover world-class skiing at the resorts, cross country skiing, rent snowmobiles, book a hut trip, or go snowshoeing.  

4 - Don't let numbers scare you, be upfront and communicate about money and expenses.  

Yes, you can go big or you can go small.  It's up to you and what's really important.  Do you need everyone and their dog there?   If so, we do know pet-friendly lodging options and can steer you to those places where the dogs can relax and be a part of your mountain wedding near Breck.  And rest easy and know that creative, fun choices exist at all budget levels that look great.

We hope this is helpful, and know that there are some great online resources to planning a wedding, including using free online tools like Minigroup to collaborate ideas with vendors.  Let us know what you like, and what more you'd like to see from us in the future, thanks for reading!  And guys, good luck and know that we are just a phone call, email, and tweet away.  

>> Photo courtesy of Studio Kiva.  Click here to see this vendor's listing.