[ Video ] Downhill Mountain Biking, Horseback Riding and Golf: Summer Activities in Keystone, Colorado


Summit County is home to a few world-class ski areas, but did you know that the summertime is just as rocking, if not more than the winter?  It's a cliche, but it's so true.  You come for the winters and stay for the summers.  It's the absolute truth.  We're all mountain folks who love sliding down the hills on the white stuff.  

It's a different experience to travel through the mountains on horseback, or on a mountain bike, so make some time to explore the hills in a different way.  You can also explore the various golf courses around the high country, and rumour has it that your balls go further because of the altitude.  Check out this video, and then let us know how we can help you plan your Colorado destination wedding.  We know all the Keystone Resort properties, and have been working with some of the same folks for almost two decades.  


Some of the various Keystone properties we've worked at include the Mozart Deck, the Alpenglow Stube, Timber Ridge, the Ski Tip Lodge and Warren Station in River Run Village.  Numerous private properties and home dot the hillsides, so let us help you find your resources and vendors for the Keystone area.  No other vendors will know this area better than we do!

When you plan a wedding at Keystone, you'll talk to Alicia, so please let her know that you found them with our site.  They've also started a Keystone Weddings board on their Pinterest page too.  We have a venues board where you'll find Keystone venues too.  Thanks for watching and reading!

[GROOM-ER] The Ski and Tee. The Best of Both Worlds. Go Skiing and Golfing in the Same Day.

If you're looking for an epic Colorado adventure, look no further than hitting the slopes in the morning, and then playing a round of golf in the afternoon.  Grab your skis, your clubs, and maybe even a Red Bull ( or stop at the local coffee shop) to help fuel you through this unique Rocky Mountain experience.

When the air's cold enough, the resorts can make snow and open once they have a top-to-bottom patch ready.  So, in Summit County, that means that you can head up to the Arapahoe Ski and Snowboard Area.  Go ski or ride for a while to get your fix before heading down to swing the clubs for a few hours.  

Of course, there's not a whole lot of terrain open until the heavier snows arrive, but, c'mon it is October, and the fact that you can pull this off is pretty amazing.  

[ arapahoe basin ski and snowboard area ]

[GROOM-ER]  The Ski and Tee.  The Best of Both Worlds.  Go skiing and then go golfing in the same day.

Not too many other places in the world offer these two activities in the same day, and with renting skis, etc., it can take time and energy to organize.  Do you really want your buddy taking care of all that?  

That's where we come in.  Please comment below if you've pulled this off, or if you'd like us to arrange a guy's trip specific to your wants and needs.  I can even see hitting up the Dillon Dam Brewery for lunch and a local microbrew before heading to the course.

[ dillon dam brewery ]

[GROOM-ER]  The Ski and Tee.  The Best of Both Worlds.  Go skiing and then go golfing in the same day.

Groom-er // Because it's not all about her.  

No matter the time of year when you want to come out to the mountains, we know which trails are dry, which slopes are open, and most importantly, where to find the info about which roads are open.  Ask us how we can help you save time and money with your wedding and group party planning for the Rockies.  Mention the Ski and Tee blog post and we'll throw in a gift certificate for a growler of a local microbrew.