[GROOM-ER] Because It's Not All About Her // Top 4 Things Guys Need To Know When Planning A Mountain Wedding

Ladies, grab your guy and show him this article as he drinks a beer after work, or just email him this link, so he'll have it to look at later when he's got time.  Introducing Groom-er!  This new blog installment on Summit Mountain Weddings is just for the mountain dudes.

GUYS: START READING HERE.  Where do you start when planning a mountain wedding in a town where you don't even live?  Even if you did live here, do you know the party and event scene?  Well, guys, you now have a resource to ask questions, find solutions and get things done.  

She's planning the wedding in the mountains, so here's an article by a guy just for the guys.  And we'll keep it to once a week, y'know so, not to overwhelm or bug you with all this wedding stuff too much.  We'll give you some homework and send you on your way.  Thanks for reading and be sure to ask questions on our forum too!

Top 4 Things Guys Need To Know When Planning A Mountain Wedding  |   photo[© Katie Girtman]

What is this new website you ask?  Summit Mountain Weddings is the best online planning resource for guys getting married in the mountains because all of a sudden, you're dealing with stuff you thought you'd never have to think about.  We'll be sharing some guy-specfic stuff that only a guy would think of.  

Because face it guys, we're just different.  What's important to us, is not to them, and vice versa.  I've narrowed it down to a four general tips to get you started, so here's what you need to start thinking about.  

Top 4 Things Guys Need To Know When Planning A Mountain Wedding

 1 - Determine your level of involvement.  

Do you really care what kind of linens go on the tables or should that be her decision?  Has she been dreaming about her wedding since she was 5, or is a bit more relaxed?  Find out where you can be of help and contribute there.  Check in with her weekly, and ask if she needs any help with anything.  Find out where she's stressed and be the hero and problem-solver.  Your caretaker duties are calling big time here.

2 - Ask for help when you need it.  Find trusted professionals and ask for recommendations.

Find what does interest you and take charge of that area of the planning.  Find ways to satisfy the basics and splurge on what's most important to you.  What would you like your guests to remember?  If you're unable to find these resources on your own, ask for help.  It's a good idea to make an investment in a professional planner who is familiar with the area if it works with your budget.

3 - Find a way for the guys to enjoy the mountains while everyone's in town.  

You're in the mountains for your wedding, so depending on the season, you should explore local options for fun and easy excursions.  Determine your posse's fitness level, and if human or motorized pursuits are in your future.  Discover world-class skiing at the resorts, cross country skiing, rent snowmobiles, book a hut trip, or go snowshoeing.  

4 - Don't let numbers scare you, be upfront and communicate about money and expenses.  

Yes, you can go big or you can go small.  It's up to you and what's really important.  Do you need everyone and their dog there?   If so, we do know pet-friendly lodging options and can steer you to those places where the dogs can relax and be a part of your mountain wedding near Breck.  And rest easy and know that creative, fun choices exist at all budget levels that look great.

We hope this is helpful, and know that there are some great online resources to planning a wedding, including using free online tools like Minigroup to collaborate ideas with vendors.  Let us know what you like, and what more you'd like to see from us in the future, thanks for reading!  And guys, good luck and know that we are just a phone call, email, and tweet away.  

>> Photo courtesy of Studio Kiva.  Click here to see this vendor's listing.