Peonies + Pot: Florist uses Marijuana for Colorado Mountain Weddings

Peonies + Pot: Florist uses Marijuana for Colorado Mountain Weddings

Cannabis and Colorado Mountain Weddings

Marijuana is legal in Colorado now, and I asked Colorado Cannabis Florist, Buds 'n Blossoms, a few questions in today's post, Peonies + Pot: Florist Uses Marijuana for Colorado Mountain Weddings. There's a time and a place for everything, so as long as you have your bases covered and have done your homework, there's an opportunity for guests and visitors to try and enjoy recreational marijuana. You can even visit a few different shops on your own, or ask us how we can set up a tour of breweries, restaurants, and cannabis dispensaries. You can't smoke in public and definitely not behind the wheel. Just like drinking, you need a sober driver at all times. Ask us how we can set up a shuttle and take care of that for you.

Peonies + Pot: Florist uses Marijuana for Colorado Mountain Weddings

Floral Designs and Decor. That you can smoke later.

Floral designs are now being infused with cannabis and brides and grooms that enjoy the lifestyle might want to share some of these unusual elements with their guests that evening. I would say that that's a double whammy of being green, by recycling the decor for consumption and by supporting local Colorado ganjapreneurs. And one facet of the marijuana industry is the slowly emerging evidence and trends of how couples will enjoy cannabis on their day. Buds 'n Blossoms were excited about recent designs that "even had a bowl tied on one side, a lighter and rolling papers tied to the other side, a cannabis jar and cannabis included in the mini arrangements."

Question: How many cannabis weddings are you doing this summer?

- this is the first season of booking weddings and so far have at least 3 on the books for this summer

- I have done many holiday parties, MJ Investors meetings arrangements, bridal expos and private party arrangements

- we are still fighting the stigma and working with more venues to get them on board


Question: What should brides and grooms know about Cannabis and weddings?

- that they are legally protected under amendment 64

- there are so many ways to incorporate cannabis into their wedding or special event without the smell or clouds of smoke, there are many fun and discrete options as well!

- choosing the right venue opens all the doors to their true cannabis wedding experience


Question: What would say are the upcoming trends?

- I think that it will become more and more popular especially as it becomes more widely accepted

- some weddings are not having alcohol at their weddings, only cannabis

- keeping the scene under control thru moderation, similar to drink ticket idea, allowing guests to indulge without misusing or abusing cannabis

- cannabis themed weddings seem to be on a smaller scale than the traditional weddings. After all, cannabis is a little more costly than alcohol, but beautifully it takes less to get the job done

Peonies + Pot: Florist uses Marijuana for Colorado Mountain Weddings