[HOW TO] have a pontoon parade on Lake Dillon as part of your adventure wedding in Rockies.


When planning your Rocky Mountain wedding in Summit County, Colorado you can incorporate a water experience into your options with a rafting trip, fly fishing experience or even a pontoon parade.  Yes, that's exactly what we did for our friends and family.  We had our ceremony near the Frisco Bay Marina, and decided against the family kayaking chaos we envisioned and went with the pontoon parade idea.

Our pontoons were rented from the Frisco Bay Marina.   |  photo[AllysiaAngus]

Just after the ceremony, we boarded reserved pontoons (a must) and headed out towards the center of the lake through the islands.  We still remember my cousin, Glen, wearing his bluetooth opening up the throttle on the pontoon trying to pass us.  Our pontoon putt putt quickly turned into a scene from Miami Vice as I wondered who was so important that might call that warranted sporting a bluetooth earpiece.

Post wedding ceremony pontoon parade on Lake Dillon.   |  photo[AllysiaAngus]

Looking back, I'm glad we were able to share the experience of being on the water in the mountains with our friends and family.  We did get a big wave from a passing Sheriff's boat put enough water in the front of our pontoon that we thought we might be swimming for a second!  We drained our shoes and wore flip flops the rest of the night!

Eye protection is very important.  He's also wearing a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) and sunscreen (SPF 60).  |  photo[AllysiaAngus]

Enjoying a still moment as we watch a sailboat regatta on the Lake.  |  photo[AllysiaAngus]

Dina and Stacy celebrating on Lake Dillon!  |  photo[AllysiaAngus]

Heading back towards the Frisco Bay Marina after our post wedding pontoon parade on the lake.  |  photo[AllysiaAngus]

// Photos courtesy of our longtime friend, Allysia Angus.