[HOW TO] Create a Playlist for your Destination Wedding in the Rocky Mountains near Breckenridge, Colorado

Following yesterday's, "Interview with a DJ" I started exploring the multitude of wedding blogs out there, and there are so many great ones!  One that I thought was appropriate was Soundtrack TO I DO, which states in their header image that they are "music advice for the soon to be wed."  Clicking on the "Listen" page, I explored the playlists that she has created and can see the great potential in this new technology from Playlist.com that you could use to create your own playlist.  

Soundtrack TO I DO:  music advice for the soon to be wed  |  soundtracktoido.com

Now, whether you decide to employ a professional DJ or entertainer is very much a personal choice, you can still create your list and then share it with the DJ to use as a reference for your style and taste, or you can use the direct playlist itself.  You could also create playlists for any traveling, rehearsal dinners, or just hanging around the house.  We love music and having the right background beats can make or break the moment, in my opinion anyway.

When you rollover the "About" tab and explore "The Soundtrack" this great image pretty much says it all.  Your wedding, your music, and then your playlist!  Please share any playlists you make with us and we'll share it on our blog with pics from the day.

Soundtrack TO I DO: music advice for the soon to be wed | soundtracktoido.com

I know a few songs I would put in looking back, but I did have some classical music picked out for my wife to walk down the aisle to.  However, there was a technicial difficulty.  We'll save that for another post...