Scenes of the Moon and the Mountains, a Halloween Special

Shine on shiny moon!  Shiny moon, shine on, shine on.  I normally don't like music when visiting websites, but when checking out this gallery of the moon on Daniel McVey's website, I dig it.  Or, at least, I'm not annoyed by it, which is most of the time.  Since it is Halloween, I decided to share a few photos from around town, and a few photos from Daniel.  

But first, I wanted to share a few links to a few photo sessions featuring a zombie attack.  Yep, that's right, zombies.  Click here to see a slideshow, and here to see an article on what a zombie photo shoot looks like. Ok, and one more just for the sake of Halloween.

Fatty's in Breckenridge, Colorado  |  photo by Stacy Sanchez

Fatty's in Breckenridge is always dressing up the outside of their building, the old hotel, the Colorado House.

Scenes of the Moon and the Mountains, a Halloween Special |  photo courtesy of Daniel McVey,

You can purchase the calendars pictured below in our barn, as well as his prints using the matted format, and even a few canvas prints.  Come by and check them out!

The "Cadillac of Calendars" - available at the Barn at 201 N Main

The Cadillac of Calendars, featuring work from Daniel McVey.

Downtown Breckenridge, Halloween 2012  |  Photo by Stacy Sanchez

Tonight in Breckenridge the moon will be out, and the kids will have a snow-free Halloween.  Most years they're battling frigid temps, layering their costume over a puffy coat, and trying to keep feeling in their hands by eating candy.  Mountain kids don't always have it easy, but tonight's festivities are gonna be great!  Check out the Summit County Mom's page for more information.