But what if it snows?

So, you’ve made it official. You decided to start planning your Colorado engagement session and elopement! YAY! Call us biased, but we think you’ve made a great decision. There is so much beauty to be seen in Summit County and we encourage you to take it all in. Enjoy a couple hikes, wait in line for those world famous Breckenridge crepes, don’t be afraid to drive on some of the back roads (but please remember, be respectful of our beautiful land and stay on the road!)

No matter what time of year you’re visiting, the Colorado High Country is like nowhere else. As we work with out of state couples planning their elopements and engagement session, we often get asked one big question:

but what if it snows?

This is a valid question. With the high country receiving, on average, 366 inches of snow per season - yes, THREE HUNDRED and SIXTY SIX inches - the odds are in our favor that we’ll see some snow. This can seem a little scary and present a few unknowns if snow is something you’re not used to. Let us give you some assurance and hopefully convince you not to shy away from a snowy elopement day.

intimate elopement ceremony by the lake in breckenridge, colorado | summit mountain weddings

Why we think you should embrace a snowy elopement or engagement day:

  • It’s SO PRETTY.

  • A gentle snowfall is incredibly peaceful, which can help set the tone for a relaxing day together.

  • Even if it’s snowy, it doesn’t automatically mean it’ll be really cold! That may seem strange, but it can be snowing and still feel over 40 degrees.

  • You’re choosing the Colorado mountains for a reason, right? We believe they are never more majestic and quintessentially Colorado than when covered in snow.

  • Have we mentioned how pretty it is?

what to do to make sure you’re prepared:

  • Pack boots! I looooove the look of boots with a wedding dress. Is there anything more mountainy?

  • Invest in warm leggings. If you opt for white, we won’t even see them in any photos unless you want to!

  • Consider bringing a warm blanket or shawl.

  • An umbrella can both add some color to an otherwise pretty white day AND keep your hair dry!

  • Don’t forget gloves!

  • Trust your Colorado professionals. We’re not only here to provide services for you on your wedding day, but we’ll make sure you’re safe, too. Weather can be unpredictable, so we’ll keep an eye on things and help you make any necessary adjustments if it starts to get a little sketchy.

  • Remember to relax and take it all in. Especially if you’re visiting from somewhere that doesn’t see a true winter, a mountain snowfall can be incredibly magical. Add that to all the emotions and joy of your wedding day and we PROMISE you’re in for a real treat.

Have we convinced you? :)

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