The Shoe at Timber Ridge: Keystone, Colorado Mountain Wedding Venue


When you work in the industry you see some funny things over the years, and going through all the items left over, I find "The Shoe at Timber Ridge, a Keystone Colorado Mountain Wedding Venue." This is one of the thousands of images I've shared over on our original Instagram account for Petal and Bean, before our new Instagram account @breckweddings.  Follow us there and on our other social profiles and follow the fun. We're updating our website, so if you're reading this as a fresh post, you'll see the site changing as you come back over the next few days. We're working on some new ideas for the site and appreciate all of you stopping by, thanks for reading!

If you're planning a mountain top wedding at Timber Ridge, please contact us to learn more about solving your wedding planning problems and getting it done right.