[video] Dave Proposes to Shanna: Snake River, Colorado Engagement

Sometimes you want to go somewhere special and pop the question.  The lucky ones choose the Breckenridge area to have their magical moment.  The mountains are naturally dramatic and fill the romantic backdrop requirement for anything love-related, really.  Shanna commented about their video on our Facebook post a few days ago, and we just had to share it with you.

The setting is the Snake River, which, if you're not familiar with the three rivers that feed Lake Dillon, it's the one that runs through Keystone.  Dave asked Shanna to hold the iPad and it was all good to go.  It wasn't a big deal for her to work with the iPad and audio equipment, as she had many times before, so it wasn't a big deal until the video showed Dave.  And her parents.  Then, she knew it was happening.  Well, that's enough from us, you need to watch the video now.  Shanna and Dave's comments are further down below, so when you're done with the video, scroll down and check out what these two had to say about getting engaged in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  

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 I sent some questions to Dave and Shanna, and here's what they had to say about their proposal experience in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  If you want to create a personalized proposal with our help, please contact us and we'll work on crafting the memories you'll want to remember the rest of your life.  Thanks for reading!
First thing - the photographer was Dave. He shoots video on DSLR cameras, so we just set up the timer and snapped a few after the big question. :) We have attached a few additional photos for you to check out, as well as one we took in Breck the night of while celebrating.
[video] Dave Proposes to Shanna: Snake River, Colorado Engagement  |  Photos by Dave McCann
Q. Why did you choose the Colorado Rocky Mountains / Summit County to propose?
 A. During the frst stages of our relationship, Dave talked a lot about eventually moving to Colorado. I (Shanna), however, had never been there, so decided that he needed to prove to me how great it is. We spent a week camping over the 4th of July and instantly fell in love with the quaint towns, fresh air, and beautiful mountains. We knew in that first trip to the Rockies that our home was there, and the lifestyle we wanted together meshed perfectly with the area. From that point on, for Dave, no where else would've been right to "pop the question." Dave initially got the idea for the proposal video during that first camping trip; we already had another trip planned for October, so that gave him 3 months to solidify his plan. In short, he knew our hearts and future were set within the Colorado scenery, so what better way to start that future, than in a place that represented us.
 [video] Dave Proposes to Shanna: Snake River, Colorado Engagement | Photos by Dave McCann
Q. Any tips for the guys who are planning to pop the question here in the mountains?
A. When I (Dave) first toyed around with a "Colorado proposal," I knew planning would be have to be flexible, since we're both living in South Dakota.  I only let about 10 family members and close friends in on what i had devised.  One thing that made my proposal a complete surprise to Shanna, was not only that we were states away from our family, but also that I was "too normal" in her words, leading up to that day's events. From my experience, the best advice I could give to the guys is as follows:

  • Whatever your plan is, know that it may NOT always go 100% as you plan it in your head...and that is OK!  (I did not plan for it to be cold, rainy, and for the road up to the initial location to be "closed for maintenance").
  • So be adaptable and remember that it is not a production, but the question that changes your lives forever!
  • Simply put...ACT NORMAL!! My proposal only worked the way it did, in part because I hung my "neurotic/type A tendancies" in the closet for the day, and had faith that it would all work out!
  • Know a little about your Colorado surroundings, and remember, you're in one of the most beautiful places on earth, which gives you automatic brownie points for a romantic setting- so bring a camera (and may I suggest getting in contact with a photographer and/or cinematographer.)  Trust me... she'll want pictures/video!! 
[video] Dave Proposes to Shanna: Snake River, Colorado Engagement  |  Photos by Dave McCann
Q. Any thoughts you'd like to share about the proposal?  
 A. From a girl's perspective, I (Shanna) was so impressed with how thoughtful Dave's proposal was. He chose a place that means a lot to us, and poured his entire heart into the video, making it super personal. Though we're thrilled to continue to share our video with anyone and everyone, I loved that when he actually asked, it was just him and I - no crowds, no anxious eyes on us waiting to hear my answer. At that point, surrounded by the mountains, we felt like the only two people in the world. That made it so special.
[video] Dave Proposes to Shanna: Snake River, Colorado Engagement  |  Photos by Dave McCann
Q. Best tip for folks visiting the Breck area for the first time?
 A. When visiting Breck for the first time (or 4th or 10th), just park your car and walk. We walked up and down nearly every street, soaking in the fresh air. Time seemed to slow down there, and we relished in that. We suggest you find a bed & breakfast (there are so many to choose from), leave your phone in your bag, and enjoy the sites -not only the mountains, but the charming Victorian homes & all the local shops. (Our favorite is the adorable little Starbucks - seriously, no other Starbucks in the world can be that cute). :)
[video] Dave Proposes to Shanna: Snake River, Colorado Engagement  |  Photos by Dave McCann
Q. Why are videos good for proposals, weddings and similar special moments?
 A. Prior to meeting Dave, I didn't know what wedding cinematography was. To me, a "wedding film" was uncle Ed setting up a stationary camera in the back of the church and that was that. However, I've quickly learned about the intimacy a video brings to life's special moments. While I love the photos from our proposal, our video shows the raw emotion of that moment in a way no photo could. Now, when I think of a wedding film, I see the story it tells - I see the bride in the candid hours before she says "I do" and the groom's progression of feelings move across his face (from shock & awe to pure excitement & love) as he sees his future wife for the first time. These videos aren't staged or posed or forced, they show your moments exactly as they happened, and I believe there's a lot of beauty in that.