[HOW TO] use color palette blogs to find ideas for your mountain wedding colors.


We get lots of brides planning their wedding near Breckenridge asking us to help them with their color palettes and bringing the most out of the venues, lodges and rooms that will host the various stages of the events of the wedding.  Perhaps the large gathering room for the ceremony is a bright room filled with natural light, while the dining room is a bit darker, but more intimate.  Maybe your favorite color is pink, and his is blue.  Maybe you can work the two together, maybe you'll go with something completely different.

Either way, you've got color choices to make.  But the fun part is imagining all the possibilities.  You can find lots of blogs out there to help with your wedding planning, but these two are recent favorite finds that are modern, fresh and fun.

The Perfect Palette is a "a wedding blog dedicated to helping you find the perfect color palette for your wedding" and { design seeds } which is a great palette collection, not wedding-specific, but great nonetheless!

{ design seeds }  Search palettes by color collection, season, or color.  |  design-seeds.com

The { design seeds } creator is known for "tracking and forecasting emerging palette combinations, and has extensive experience in trend, brand, color and materials that has made for a unique skill set differentiating her approach to design."  We like that it's not all weddings, but still very interesting.

{ design seeds }  Search palettes by color collection, season, or color.  |  design-seeds.com

The Perfect Palette is all about weddings, and even reading the descriptions next to the palettes bring new inspiration to fuel your creativity!  If you need more help than these sites can give, give us a ring, or shoot us an email, and let's talk about that dream wedding you're thinking about, but not quite sure how to work it all together.  Yes, we know it can be overwhelming.  That's why we're here.

The Perfect Palette Blog |  chrissy@theperfectpaletteblog.com

Now, once you're checking out these sites, you could have your Minigroup ideas group open, or could be making a collection of palettes using your multiurl tool to send to your wedding planner, best friend or planning buddy.  Either way, you now have ways to share this information, keep it private, and get stuff done!

// visit { design seeds } and The Perfect Palette

PS - We'll put together some color palettes from weddings from this summer, so stay tuned for those as they happen.  Or, submit yours to us via our Contact page for consideration on this blog!