[VIDEO] 50th Season at the Breckenridge Ski Resort Starts Now - Opening Day

On Dec. 16th, 1951 the Breckenridge Ski Resort had it's first opening day.  And now, today is the ski area's 50th opening day.  There's some impressive stats that roll through this video, including how we have the highest chairlift in North America, and especially how Breckenridge was the first resort in Colorado to allow snowboarding in 1984.  

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivoPZi5YQTY']

I like how they say that "wishes will be granted" and "dreams will come true" as they most certainly will, and we hope that Breckenridge and Summit County are part of your daydreams.  If you're dreaming of a slopeside venue for your event, or want to have a Bachelorette weekend, contact us to learn how we can help save you time and money.  We're coming up some great packages, activity-filled getaways, and special promotions, so check back often to see what's fresh and new!

What's been your favorite memory at Breckenridge?  Please comment below and share with us!

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