[ How To ] Plan a Rafting Trip on the Colorado River for your Wedding Party

I wouldn't send you down the river with any ol' folk off the street, so I'll tell you how I personally know the owners of this Colorado river rafting company that will help brides and grooms experience the whitewater with their friends and family.  

I first met Campy and Christy at a Wilderness First Responder class at the Colorado Mountain College in Breck.  These two are the married owners of the Frisco-based operation, KODI Rafting, which has a long history of rivers in the family.  You can even read about the original Campy, as of late, he was referred to as "Grampy Campy" as his grandson has inherited the local river genes and namesake.  Grampy Campy passed away a few weeks after this article was printed, but his spirit will live on with the new generation of Campton's that are river-lovin' folk. 

We are working with KODI Rafting to provide a unique river experience for the wedding itself, or as part of the mountain experience that you provide for your guests and family.  Floating in a rock-walled canyon with the best friends of your life is an experience you will talk about for the rest of your lives.  We can help make that happen.  Let's talk!

[ How To ] Plan a Rafting Trip on the Colorado River for your Wedding Party Guest blog by Lisa Nan Pogue of KODI Rafting, and the Vail Resorts Snowsquad

// Wedding Party Rafting in Colorado - Celebrate on the River

What do whitewater rafting and your wedding have in common?  Both bring your guests huge smiles and leave them with amazing memories.

If you’re looking for something truly “Colorado” to do with your wedding guests, bridal party or groomsmen, whitewater rafting is the ultimate experience for everyone on the list – even Great Aunt Betty from Iowa or the 5-year-old twin ring bearers.

[ How To ] Plan a Rafting Trip on the Colorado River for your Wedding Party

We’re fortunate to have so many rafting options near Summit County. Depending on your group’s wild versus mild preference, choose from varying sections of Clear Creek, the mighty (but, in many places, mellow) Colorado River, and the famous scenic and adventurous Arkansas River.

KODI Rafting has been taking wedding parties down Colorado's spectacular rivers since 1986 and will customize the ideal trip for your group. We have full-day and overnight trips for that wild bachelor blow out. Or more mellow floats that are great for getting the bride’s and groom’s families together for a day of bonding. For the outdoorsy gals, there are action-packed waves-in-your-face Class III and IV rafting trips.

[ How To ] Plan a Rafting Trip on the Colorado River for your Wedding Party

KODI Rafting gladly offers group discounts and welcomes wedding parties of all sizes. We’ll help you plan the day, take care of the meals and equipment, and assist you with transportation arrangements from just about anywhere in Colorado. If you would like a luxury bus or just a van ride, we can assist and quote that as part of your trip. KODI is happy to add a pre- or post-rafting riverside lunch option or pair you up with our horseback riding, cattle drive or ATV tour partners.

Check out KODI’s group reservations page or call 877-747-7238 and we’ll get started on a customized group quote for you.  Please mention the "Red Duckies"  (in the photo above) in this post and tell us if you never tried a ducky, but you've tried rafting before and are ready to hit the water in a ducky, or an inflatable kayak.  Rafting is fun, but there's a way to take it a step further.   We'll tell you how!