The Kingdom must have its castle! Ice Castles come to Breckenridge, Colorado.


When I say that the Kingdom must have its castle, I am referring to a little known part of Breckenridge history that included it being literally left off the map for a while. And so, local residents began referring to their sovereignty as the "Kingdom of Breckenridge." And, rightfully so. In fact, the town charter moved back and forth between towns. A motivated crew "captured the flag" and returned from Parkville, where the competing encampment was. But, that's another story for another time.

This year, the Ice Castles will return to the high country and are being created as I write this, and will be completed sometime in December. That's a guess, but I would think that want to be up and running for the end-of-year holiday visitors. We look forward to seeing the newest version of the Ice Castles in their new home, and that is, the Kingdom of Breckenridge.

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