[venue] St. Mary's Catholic Church in Breckenridge, Colorado

On French Street, a few streets east of Main Street is where you'll find the St. Mary's Catholic Church.  The image below shows the older, more picturesque side of the church, while a bigger, more modern side exists on the southern side of this original structure.  Families choosing downtown Breckenridge lodging can walk or arrange for a shuttle or transportation service to cater to guests going to ceremony and reception sites in different locations. 

You see, Breckenridge is small, but there are enough hills and icy sidewalks to make it worth it to invest in professional transportation services.  These guys will have your guests to and from in style, on time and will be able to assist in other related needs.  


Outdoor winter weddings are rare, due to the extreme alpine weather that can exist at any given moment at 10,000 feet in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, so most folks choose for a day where the ceremony and reception are both in protected spaces.  

However, there are brides that choose outdoor spaces like Sapphire Point, which do not have any back up spaces, and the trail getting to the location may not be the easiest to get to.  One year, we were checking it out a few days before an outdoor winter wedding, and we just happened to run into the ranger who was doing the same thing, checking on the space and was going to be there for a few hours to chop in some steps into a five foot wall of snow that was pretty icy in spots, and therefore needed attention for paying clients who can be expected to have guests of all physical abilities.


It was downright frigid for a few days there, freezing the pipes at our house for part of the morning.  That was fun.  Unless you have in-floor heating and have nice, warm pipes, leave your faucets on a slow drip for the night, so that they never freeze up overnight.  It's more of an inconvenience, but there is always a chance of a leak or rupture somewhere because of the freezing.  

So, when these girls went outside to pose for photos the next day in 21 degree weather, it was almost like a heat wave had come into town.  It wasn't windy, it was nice and the girls held their custom made bouquets for photos by the Maggie Pond with the slopes of the Breckenridge Ski Resort in the background.  


To learn more about the church and it's offerings for weddings then click here.  

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