[ Video ] The Wedding Race. A Camko Studios Production // Groom-er. Because it's not all about her.

Every love has a story.  And you see, most of the focus these days is on the wedding from the bride's point of view.  For a fresh perspective, this video is about a guy and his journey.  We saw this and thought it fit perfectly for our Groom-er category!  So, sit back and enjoy a wedding video that's mainly about a guy.  Groom-er.  Because it's not all about her.  

[ camko studios ]       

"We always hear about "Bride-To-Be" but what about "Groom-To-Be"? Here is our first Wedding Promo Video. The concept came from a 30 second Turkish's commercial about a female olympic long distance runner. Shot over a span of 3 days throughout Downtown Denver and at Aurora Central HS track field. "The Wedding Race" hope you guys enjoy." -Camko Studios

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sSULEBlgHc']

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