Photos from around Breck and Summit County, Colorado // April 2013.

I'm posting a collection of images from the last few weeks, photos from around Breck and Summit County, while we put the final touches on a redesign of our site and what we do here.  It's gonna be even better than before, with a freshening up to boot.  We have lots of fun photos and stories to tell, so please contact us with your story and how you think we can help you!

Piles of snow in Breckenridge, Colorado.

The Wedgewood Lodge in Breckenridge covered in snow after an April storm.  That's spring in the mountains folks.

Sunset in Breck.

Aspen trees near Dillon Reservoir.

Trees near the Dillon Reservoir.

We support marriage equality!

bPosts of a new Mandap ee have in our rental fleet.

Sneak peek of our new ceremony piece, a Mandap, which will be used this weekend in a wedding in Vail, Colorado.

Breckenridge suit and tux rentals.

Ask us about our suit and tux rentals for destination weddings in Summit County.

Reception decor mock up session in the barn.

The image above shows a mock up of a summer wedding in Breckenridge.

Snowy tree branches in downtown Breck.

Taking a photo of snow at night isn't easy, but I tried anyway.  What came out is above.  How did I do?

overlooking the Goose Pasture tarn.

Overlooking the Goose Pasture Tarn is a road that leads into a nice neighborhood, the destination for a bouquet from our flower shop.

Goods on Main Street in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Shops on Main Street, like Goods, have funky clothes and shoes for the mountain fashionista.

Buffalo Mountain - Summit County, Colorado.

Buffalo Mountain, as seen from Frisco, Colorado.  This mountain belongs to the Gore Range, whereas the Ten Mile Range goes south from Frisco to Breckenridge.

Linen samples are available to see and feel.

Linen samples are available to see and touch when an appointment is made to discuss event details.

Uphill track in snow.

This Breckenridge wedding planner likes to get out and explore the local hills on skis and takes a few photos along the way!

A trip to Denver Fabrics for cloth used in ceremony decor.

Living close to Denver allows us to quickly get resupplies of fabrics, flowers and other quality products not easily found in the mountains.  And, with DIA right there, things can be overnighted if need be.

floral pieces being designed for a winter wedding in Vail.

These two floral designs will be used in this weekend's wedding in Vail.  Traditional Indian ceremony one day, Christian ceremony the next.  It's gonna be beautiful.  And yes, it might just snow.  And yes, it is April.  A winter wedding can still happen in April in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.