The Scene At Breckenridge Ski Resort's Peak 8 In The Summertime

One addition to the summertime offerings at the base of Peak 8 was a tubing hill. It's no longer there today, but kids still hike up to the remaining patches of snow that cling to the hillsides. Or, you can ride the chairlift to gain a higher perch, and then hike or ride down the slopes.  You can see the alpine slide on the right side of this image.  The new Gold Run coaster is further to the left.   This outside deck is connected to One Ski Hill Place.

The base of Peak 8 at the Breckenridge Ski Resort in the summertime. | photo[StacySanchez]

Whether you decide to visit our mountains during the winter or summer, you'll have lots of options for adventure waiting for you. You'll just have to decide whether you want face shots or epic singletrack. Either way you can't go wrong.  And if you're kids are too small for either the coaster or alpine slide, you can always take a free scenic gondola ride.  There was a moose spotted yesterday in Cucumber Gulch, Breckenridge's protected wetlands that's part of the Breckenridge Nordic Center.

A short hike will lead you to Josie's cabin, while other trails will connect you with town if you wanted to hike or bike back down to the downtown historic area.  Or, hike up, have lunch, and then take the gondola back down.  Oh, which way to go, which trail to hike, which activity to choose...  Have fun everybody!