[VENDOR] Q&A: A Great Time DJ, Professional Entertainment for your Destination Wedding near Breckenridge, Colorado


Live music was an important part of our Rocky Mountain wedding, and we understand how music helps create the mood of the moment.  You can't have everybody dancing on their feet all night long, but a good set of quality music will complement and enhance the evening even more.  And one sure way to make sure everything goes the best it can is to hire a professional DJ to help entertain, educate and inform your guests of what's going on and where to find what they need.  

We asked Erik a few questions about the DJ and music scene at mountain weddings.  We first met Erik waiting for our transport to the wedding at Beano's Cabin at Beaver Creek.  It was a snowcat that we loaded up our flowers, and Erik his DJ equipment.  We chatted for a bit, and have since seen Erik and his crew numerous times over the years.  We recommend you check out his team and be sure to mention the Summit Mountain Weddings blog!

photo[Robin Proctor Photography]

Q:  What's the most memorable moment you've been a part of at a wedding? 

A: There are so many great memories all of our DJs have from our events. My favorite moments are when I see family that comes in from across the Globe (In the mountains we entertain at many destination weddings) that haven't seen each other in while. I love to see the way they connect both on and off the dance floor. It really is magical to see our guests have a great time and break down those barriers that can exist in this world where many of us live far removed from many of our friends and family. For that one night it can be magic!   

Extreme Floral Delivery to Beano's Cabin at Beaver Creek, Colorado  |  photo[StacySanchez]

Q: What's three things you would tell a bride when deciding between DJ's?   


1. Interview your DJ and make sure it's a great personality match. 

2. Don't just shop by cost - this is a once in a lifetime moment! Your DJ can make or break your celebration. Find the right DJ, it's worth the cost.

3. One of our bride's biggest fears is that her DJ will be "cheesy" both in personality and song selection… Don't let this happen to you. Interview, ask questions, call references, it's worth doing your homework… if a company or a DJ has been referred to you from other vendors and venues that you have a good feeling about then that is a great sign that you are heading in the right direction. 

| photo [Robin Proctor Photography]

Q: What's your favorite "get'em dancin' - pack the dance floor'" song?  

A: 'Dynamite' Tiao Cruz or 'Raise Your Glass' Katy Perry lately … but really it depends on the crowd… I always ask our brides for advice on what they think their friends and family will like, figure out what music they are connecting with and then go further in that direction to bring the energy on the dance floor to the next level… It's about what songs make that particular crowd feel like celebrating on the dance floor. 

| photo [Robin Proctor Photography]

Q:  Any particular ethnic style of dance you think is most interesting to watch? 

A: To be honest I wish all my clients were Jewish! The hora is a certain party starter every time! 

| photo [Robin Proctor Photography]

Q: What's on your ipod now? 

My I-pod is packed with a huge selection of music… I love it all!

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A Great Time DJs


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For more than a decade, A Greatime DJs has been serving clients like you that demand the best for their unique events.  Take a look around our site.   Read some of our references.  You’ll find that almost every major venue and every event planner in the Rocky Mountains trust Greattime DJs to provide the best in DJ-entertainment year after yearWe provide talented, interactive, high-energy entertainment for all events.  Our music collection includes thousands of artists and we are request friendly.

We offer more than 10 of the Rocky Mountain’s most highly requested DJ-entertainers.  With offices in Vail and on Denver’s Front Range and DJs located across Colorado we are ready to work closely with you to make your event a GREATIME!

A Greattime DJs opened in Vail, Summer 1998 by co-owners Erik Vienneau and Fred Hammond.  Both had a life long vision for music and love of a good time.  Right from our very first event we knew that our Rocky Mountain Resort clientele was unique to those in other locals.  They desire the best available.  They care more about quality then just about cost.

We decided to be unlike other DJ companies.  We only hired well-educated, friendly professional DJs that are never predicable and always creative and unique.  We only hired people that we’d like entertaining at our own personal event.  We’ve always paid one of the highest rates to our team in the industry so our DJs can always maintain perfectly working systems, continue their training and keep up with the latest music.

Today, Greatime DJs offers more than 10 DJ-entertainers that live locally to serve our more than 300 annual events. We look forward to understanding your needs & working with you to create an unforgettable, customized, one of a kind evening of entertainment.