[ How to ] Get Inspired to Create a Wedding Website

Technology is inspiring culture shifts, and that includes how we talk about our weddings. Today's couples are using many different ways to share their announcement, engagement photos, and now everybody has a wedding website or Facebook page to let everyone know what's going on.  You could even create a private group on Minigroup, so your wedding info isn't on Facebook.  

There are many ways to do a wedding website.  Today's blog is about highlighting some of the real sites that are being used today by real couples.   The Dessy Group has created a way for folks to nominate wedding websites to appear on this site, which happens to show not only one site, but the best of all the sites that provide this capability.

So, head on over to The Perfect Couple to browse through real wedding websites that couples are using to share the information about the big day.  Which website are you using?  Please comment below, so we know what our readers are using!  Thanks for reading and we hope this helps you determine where and how to share your wedding details.

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