[how To] Book a Dogsled Tour for Your Destination Wedding in the Colorado Rocky Mountains

The smell of the pine trees fills your nose as the dogs pulls your sled along a snowy mountainside.  The cold bite of the air brings an awareness to your surroundings like never before and suddenly realize that all that planning has finally paid off, and you're doing what you've dreamed of all along.

You can live your dreams and more when you contact us and tell us what you're envisioning.  We're here to help.  Yes, we can book that dogsled tour, hair salon and photographer that can rip down the mountain with you taking on-the-mountain wedding photos that you'll never tire of looking at.  Please contact us today to start getting stuff done, and save time and money!

[HOW TO] Book a Dogsled Tour for your Destination Wedding in the Rocky Mountains  |  photo[carlscofield.com]

>> Photo courtesy of Carl Scofield, a Breckenridge resident since 1981, freelance photographer since 1985, and currently is the Resident Artist in the Breckenridge Arts District’s Fuqua Livery Stable.