A Practical Way to Plan Your Honeymoon

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This entry is from our Guest series where wedding + honeymoon professionals share their best tips on creating memories that last a lifetime.

A Practical Way to Plan Your Honeymoon

Once your wedding is planned and every step checked and double checked, you are ready to plan your honeymoon. This is the fun part, right? This is where everyone understands this is the most important trip of your life, and it must be flawless. But the fact is, unless you board the plane wearing your wedding gown with a flower girl sprinkling rose bushes down the aisle, no one on the plane has a clue.

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Unless you book your seats well in advance, you could be seated next to the guy who wants to tell you his life story, a teenager being sent off to boot camp for reality tv or a frustrated mother holding a screaming baby. So, get busy planning your seats. If you want to fly first-class, you may want to make this a priority on your honeymoon registry. Set up a Plumfund account and start letting everyone know. Honeyfund’s sister company is Plumfund and it is a favorite for its ease of use.

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Now for the choices, you must wade through.


Are you going to stay in a hotel that is walking distance from things you want to do and see or will you need to rent a car or take a cab? Sometimes it is more practical to stay at a different hotel to allow more money for activities.


Do your searches, but keep in mind that they are trying to get you in their facility. Look deeper. Sometimes there are some wonderful places that are off the beaten path. Tourist head right for the lights and bells. By all means, go to them if you want to. But consider getting deer into your location.


You need to be aware of the amount of money you have. If you are in a country that does not take American money, you need to know the exchange rate. You need to study the look of the money and know the value of each. If you don’t, you could end up leaving a $50 tip for a cup of coffee and a muffin.

Download an app that will help you communicate. Learn a few things like, hello, thank you, and the name of your hotel.

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  1. Packing does not have to be complicated. You must take a few items that can be dressed up or dressed down. Here is a great place for packing for an out of the country honeymoon.
  2. Make sure your hotel has a safe and leave important items like your passport, visa, emergency travelers check or emergency credit card in the safe. Make copies of everything in your wallet and put them in the safe too. If your wallet is stolen it is much easier to have them canceled and reissued since you have a copy of the numbers and the phone number to the company that is printed on the back.
  3. Have emergency contact information in the safe and on you, in the event of an accident.
  4. Did you go shopping? So as the day draws nearer to come back home, are you going to buy more luggage to take it back in? Consider shipping a box to yourself at home. It can be your clothes, shoes, and things that you brought with you. But for what it cost for the luggage and the extra fees at the airport, you can probably pay for the shipping of a box. (Make sure you take the insurance) .
  5. Your honeymoon is for the two of you. No other opinions matter. Just fire up the computer and design the honeymoon of your dreams.
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