Ciara + Chris: Colorado Rocky Mountain Engagement Photography

Colorado  Engagement Photography

Today's post is all about Ciara + Chris: Colorado Rocky Mountain Engagement Photography with images courtesy of Ashlee Crowden Photography. Another set of dramatic images, with some black and whites that are instant classics and definitely frame worthy. Some couples may want a more playful and casual tone to their images, while myself and others might be attracted to these bold and beautiful images and style. There is no right or wrong, there's only what you want, and what's right for you. If you and your partner are too silly, and no way in hell could pull this off, then don't worry about it. Think about what kind of day you want to have, and what kind of images you want at the end of the day. Another idea is to have some kind of activity planned that shows off your couple style and shares a glimpse of who you are as a couple.

Rocky Mountain Romance

We are the Rocky Mountain romance specialists because we've been in Breckenridge for over 20 years as locals, and spent a lot of time in venues and working with vendors throughout Summit County and the Vail Valley. We even helped put together a fall wedding on Independence Pass near Aspen. We're getting inquiries all the time, and we love deciding how we can help you best. We've put together some packages online for you to get some ideas about what's possible, and most tweak those just a bit to match their wants and needs. Thanks for reading and checking out our blog, and please be sure to contact us to find out more about what we can do for you.


This Texas couple flew all the way to Colorado to do their engagement session. They said we want a beautiful, dreamy, Colorado session. These two were true NATURALS in their photographs, and made my job super easy. Even when it meant changing on the side of the road to their fancy outfits! It was cold, windy, rocky, at times too cloudy...but perfection. It created such dramatic lighting, the wind did nothing but favors with Ciara. I can truly say it is one of my favorite engagement sessions to date!