[HOW TO] create a private online group to help plan my destination wedding in Breckenridge.


As writers of a wedding blog, we use technology to share our experience, ideas and suggestions using the best of today's technology options.  We're on Facebook, use Twitter, and are now using an online software called Minigroup that allows you to make a custom thread about anything you want.  In our case, it is your destination wedding to Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Dillon, Keystone, Frisco,  or Silverthorne, Colorado.

Using this site, you can make a group, invite friends to help you plan and discuss, all while keeping tracks of links, images, documents without having to do an email search everytime you want to see where you left off with someone.  And with so many different vendors, family members and details to keep track of, you can receive real-time notifications of additions, comments and other changes to your thread.  Check out this blog to learn more about how to get started.  Another great resource is the company's Tumblr feed.

But, for you tech-savvy folks, here's the short version on how to set up your Minigroup.  1 - Click on "Sign up.  It's Free."  2 - Sign up.  3 - Create a group.  4 - Invite people.  5 - Write a post, share a link, upload a pic, or whatever you need to do.  That's it.  You can always drop people from the group as the creator.  Get the answers to your questions here and get help on this page.

We use Minigroup to plan our weddings.  How will you use it?  |  Minigroup.  Instant private online groups for sharing anything.  |  www.minigroup.com

Why not just use Facebook for this thread?  Well, you could.  However, this platform was designed for such a purpose, and they're adding new stuff as quickly as they can.  It's in beta, so yes, they're testing it out, and we've enjoyed success so far with it.

Here's an example of a current thread we have going with a bride who is planning her wedding from the East Coast.

The image above shows a current thread we have with a bride planning her wedding at the High Country lodge on Peak 7 in Breckenridge.  She's uploading pictures of color palettes, bouquets she loves, and anything else that say "who they are as a couple."  These are images that not only your planner needs to see, but also the florist, caterer and anyone else who has an aesthetic influence on your event.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVRGLjAjOUw']

We hope you enjoy exploring this new technology as much as we do sharing it with our clients.  A much more effective way of keeping track of conversations, all for free.  Yes, there are pro project collaboration software options out there, but most are overkill for what you'll actually need and use.  Please let us know how it works out for you, and we'll post an update at the end of the summer how it's been working out for us, and what our brides say about using it to plan their wedding.

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Stay tuned for more about this exciting new service!  Contact us now to learn more.