Your Big {little} Day



Your elopement: it's a big deal!

Even if you're eloping to keep it simple + intimate, there's no denying: you're getting married, and that's so amazing! When your day finally arrives, take a few deep breaths and watch as the memories unfold in front of you. If there's snow, you'll bear the cold; if there's rain, we'll find some umbrellas; and if there's sun, you'll hopefully put on some sunscreen ;-).

My job... my *goal* is to put you at ease and focus on capturing your true story.

Your experience will be one for the books - so let's treasure every moment with genuine, warm images that will help you relive your day over and over. Once we begin photos together, I'll find the subtle in-bewteens, the quiet glances, the joyous and unexpected giggles... We'll capture your story just the way it is now, so that you can share your history for generations to come.