Who is the ideal Summit Mountain Weddings couple? What is the ideal SMW wedding or elopement?

Summit Mountain Weddings couples are flexible with a sense of adventure and real love for the beautiful, natural, awe-inspiring landscapes of Colorado and beyond. The couple wants to get away from the noise of everyday life and share a unique experience with the ones they love most - even better, just the bride and groom alone! They are open to finding a special, secluded location on the side of a mountain or on their back porch and exchanging vows in an intimate setting.

I need help selecting a venue or location. Can you help us?

Absolutely! The packages listed on our site are just starting points - if you have a location in mind or booked already, great! If not, let's talk together about your ideal scene and logistics and we can come up with something to fit your needs. SMW loves to find untraditional, off-the-beaten-path locations for ceremonies and can also speak to many of the local, established venues in the area. Once you book your venue (if necessary), SMW is ready to jump in and do the rest!

I have a wedding with 75 guests; do you work with weddings that size?

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, that's so exciting! SMW currently focuses on smaller, intimate weddings and elopements. Typically, this means ceremonies with 10 guests or less - even better, just the couple for a true elopement! I'm happy to refer some amazing wedding planners familiar with the area should you need a starting point.

We won't have any guests; what are our options?

Your options are endless! We'll get you set up with the essentials - an officiant, a photographer and flowers, too - and then the choice is yours. Whether you prefer a lake setting, pine trees or large mountain vistas, we'll find a picturesque location for your intimate elopement; book more photography coverage and we can add in multiple locations for a complete elopement + photography experience!

Why do you focus on elopements?

I find that most couples who choose to elope or share an intimate wedding with their closest family + friends often share similar values that I hold near and dear to my heart. I moved to the mountains because of a feeling; my intuition pulled me here and I am constantly in awe of this place I get to call home. Nothing means more to me than quality time with those I love most. Elopements here (and anywhere, for that matter) reflect this importance of quality time and natural beauty we are so lucky to experience.

Who is your main photographer? Do you have other photographers in the area that you work with?

Believe it or not, I - Emily - am also the main photographer for the Summit Mountain Wedding adventures! Take a look at my professional photography website, Keeping Composure Photography. I've been photographing weddings, elopements + families since moving to Colorado over seven years ago, and am thrilled to combine this passion with the curating of these special events.

That being said, I am not always available. I also work with a handful of wonderful photographers/friends who can also be your photographer for the day. Just like I hand-pick the best florist or officiant (or other vendor) for your day, I'll pair you with the best available photographer based on your style + personalities.

Why don't you include location permits in your packages (i.e. Sapphire Point)?

The United States Forest Service (USFS) does not currently allow businesses who offer a service, like Summit Mountain Weddings, to book the location on behalf of another party. To help maintain a more fair use of the public land, it is the responsibility of the couple to obtain a permit. Out of respect to the USFS and all National Forest Land, I aim to do my best to comply with these regulations.

Other locations vary so far + wide that to include them in a specific package at this time only narrows our focus. Let's chat more about what your vision is and I will help research some great options as a starting point!

How do we move forward if we find a package that works for us?

Contact me today! Once we settle on a package, I'll send you a contract + invoice. I ask for a minimal, non-refundable first payment along with a signed contract to guarantee my services. Then, I start planning + hiring the vendors you need! We'll set up a payment schedule between time of booking and your Big Day, and then we keep in touch to make sure all of the details are in order. Last but not least: fun! We'll have some adventures together!

What's the silliest or craziest wedding moment you've ever experienced?

We did a dog sledding trip with the bride and the groom! Everything was great - we had an awesome guide and the couple was ready for some adventure. We stopped for a tiny champagne toast, and when we got back in the sleds and took off, well... the dogs went forward and their sled went sideways! The couple laughed and rolled around in the snow and we made a fun photo-op out of it all.