Are you a Wedding Planner?

Photography is first + foremost my passion, and this company evolved from my photography career. I offer packages with The Essentials because a lot of couples who hired me for photography wanted a little bit of extra help. I don't tout my services as a Wedding Planner, specifically; rather, let me be your local resource to point you in the right direction and cover the basics.


Can we have our ceremony at a venue?

Absolutely! If you have a location in mind, we can check their availability. Or I can help guide you to some options, too. Please note: Elopement Packages don't include any ceremony venue fees.


Can we have our ceremony off the beaten path?

Yes, please! Most of my couples are drawn to surrounding themselves with the beauty that our mountains provide. I recommend "off-the-beaten-path" elopements for extremely small groups {i.e. up to 4 guests or just the couple}, as flexibility plays a major role with these types of ceremonies.


If our budget is smaller, can we still book?

Yes, absolutely! Budgets are very important + I understand the need to stick to them. Let me know what you are looking for along with what you have budgeted for your elopement. I will do my best to find a solution for your specific needs!


Do we need to use an officiant that you hire?

I offer a local officiant's service in my elopement packages, and work with who I believe to be the best of the best! That being said, sometimes you might have a friend or family member who will marry you. Or, you might even forego any officiant at all and self-solemnize your ceremony...! {Colorado's so cool, isn't it?!"


What if it rains?

Of course, when we plan a ceremony off the beaten path and without a formal venue's services, we can run into a hurdle: Mother Nature. I always recommend coming up with a solid backup plan. Maybe the lodge or house you book has a gorgeous fireplace or open floor plan that allows for a cozy indoor ceremony, if needed. In the past, we've moved a ceremony up by an hour to avoid the rain, too. In any case, flexibility is key to working around weather.


Can you Photoshop me to look…?

Short answer: No.

Long Answer: These images are yours, and you deserve to feel your best. Soft reminder: you are beautiful, you are lovely, you are magnificent! You are already enough.

That being said… final images are edited + delivered to you in a style that is consistent with images shown on the web site. Any custom edits requested after images are delivered cost $30 per image. {Examples of custom edits may include: body alterations or object removal/addition}.


Can I re-edit the images after you deliver them?

No, re-edits are not allowed. I maintain all copyright to the images, and provide you with personal printing and online sharing rights. Photography is art. You choose your photographer {me!} based on your appreciation for how I view the world and also how the final product is delivered. If you’re not in love with our style, I’m happy to suggest other local photographers who might better fit your taste.


How do we receive our final images?

I upload all of your final/edited images to an online gallery. From there, you may view images + share with friends and family. I will also provide you and your new spouse {yay!!!} a personal, private PIN to use to download images as you’d like.

For weddings, I also mail a USB drive with all final images printable to 8x10”. If you are looking for prints larger than 8x10,” you may purchase these from your online gallery.


when will we receive our final images?

A typical turnaround time for elopements is anywhere between 6-8 weeks.

I know how important these images are to you. I aim to deliver your photos in a timely manner while maintaining my standard of quality images.


How far in advance should we book?

Honestly? As soon as possible! Wedding Photographers are one of the first vendors you book for your Big Day. I may book as far out as 1.5 years in advance, so let me know as soon as you have set your wedding date. Simply put, booking early guarantees your date with me!

Looking at a shorter timeline for your wedding? Not to worry! By their nature, elopements tend to have a shorter timeline. Reach out to see if your date/timeline is available.


We want to book! What’s next?

To guarantee my services for your elopement date, first fill out the booking form under the Book Your Elopement page or by clicking the button below. I’ll be in touch shortly {typically within 48 hours} to go over our packages and booking process. Then, we’ll schedule a phone call/FaceTime/Skype date or – better yet – a time to grab coffee together!

To officially book, I ask for two things: 1} signed contract and 2} your initial, non-refundable payment of $600 or 50% - whichever is less {will be applied to your final invoice}.