3 Things Hiring A Coordinator Will Do To Decrease Your Stress

Top 3 Things hiring a coordinator will do for your stress

Hiring a wedding planner can take three large stresses right off your shoulders. Do you need help with picking out vendors? Do you need help narrowing down even the smallest details? How about more time? Don't you want to be enjoying your time as an engaged couple leading up to your wedding rather than stress out about planning your dream mountain weddings?

Katelyn and Chet just had their one year anniversary of their wedding at Keystone Ranch. They hired Petal and Bean for not only their flowers but also for planning. Dina helped with everything from lining up the groomsmen to decorating the 4 tier wedding cake with flowers.

Top 3 Things hiring a coordinator will do for your stress

We asked Katelyn what was the biggest stressor that the wedding planner took off their plate. The top three stresses she said were helping pick out vendors, direction for the small details, and of course time.

Q. What did you feel was the biggest stressor your planner took off your plate? 

 A. "Everything! The team doesn't just show up the day of your wedding and help coordinate - they are passionate about your wedding and it becomes as important to them as it is to you. From the first day I started working with the team, I became excited about the wedding and didn't have any negative stressors. A few stressors that they took off my plate were:
  1. Picking out vendors - When you have a list of 25 DJs where do you really start? The team provided me with a few options and I called the 3 that fit what I was best looking for.
  2. Direction - I had never really thought of a wedding prior to planning so I wasn't ever sure of what I wanted. The team really helped capture the small details I did want to have and build around that to deliver exactly everything I could want. 
  3. Time - Of course they saved me time which helped since life doesn't slow down while planning a wedding. I could focus on work or the few tasks Dina sent over, but in general it really allowed more time for me."

Top 3 Things hiring a coordinator will do for your stress

We can help you start looking for vendors in our area to with our Vendor Directory. We also do by the hour planning consolations if you don't what the whole kit and caboodle. Check out all of our wedding planning services here! Photos by Bride and Joy Photography and Andrea Parnell. Please contact us for planning your wedding!

[MOUNTAIN PHOTOGRAPHY] Star-filled skies over Summit County by Daniel McVey

I walked outside to take out the trash last night, and there was an amazingly clear star-filled sky above.  Seeing the thick white stripe of our galaxy is always a nice treat.  If you're so lucky to attend a mountain wedding near the Breckenridge area, then you should escape the festivities to check out the stars for yourself.  You just might not want to go back inside.

Star-filled sky near Clinton Gulch in the Rocky Mountains.  |  photo[danielmcvey.com]

We had some pretty heavy monsoon rains these past few weeks, but I'm already noticing social media chatter with the words "cooler mornings" and "feels like fall" going around.  Regardless, we suggest you grab a jacket, a beverage of your choice, and then go outside and stare up and the sky.  A saying comes to mind, and that's to "shoot for the moon, because even if you miss, you still land among the stars!"

Star-filled sky near Dillon Reservoir in the Rocky Mountains of Summit County, Colorado.  |  photo[danielmcvey.com]

>> Photos courtesy of Daniel McVey, a “photographer currently living in Summit County, Colorado.  I enjoy taking landscape images at day or night. The moon and stars are also a motif in my pictures. Aside from landscape, I do some wildlife photos.”  Check out his website here and his Facebook page here