Image courtesy of haley with  carnefix photography

Image courtesy of haley with carnefix photography

About Emily

Hi! I'm Emily, and I love love! I love sharing love, photographing love and helping create unique, unforgettable moments that will last a lifetime. 

My heart and roots are in the Midwest (born + raised a Cardinals fan in StL!), and my soul fell in love with the Colorado Mountains the first time I came out here. The light on the mountains is never the same twice. Cloudy days are my favorite, especially when the clouds sit below the mountain peaks.

I'm a summer girl at heart, but have grown to love all there is to do here in the winter {also: snow! So much snow!!} I've been in Summit for over eight years now, and couldn't ask for a better place to call home! 

Story time is my favorite, whether it's with new friends or hearing my parents' stories for the 100th time. Quality time is my strongest Love Language. I believe in sharing your best moments with the ones who mean most.

Cheers to your next amazing adventure!

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 sailboats float on lake dillon with the continental divide in the distance on a cloudy frisco colorado afternoon

My happy place: on a lake. I'm at home on the water - rowing, swimming, sailing, boating, rafting, kayaking, canoeing... even just dipping my feet in for a bit is the best!

 image courtesy of haley with  carnefix photography

image courtesy of haley with carnefix photography

We also have a puppy! Her name is Pepper (aka Puppers, Bubbas, Pepper-roo, Pepperoni, Pooper-roo, Ding Dong... the list goes on!) She loves to play with Shai, though I'm afraid the feeling isn't mutual quite yet.

 image courtesy of haley with  carnefix photography

image courtesy of haley with carnefix photography

I named my cat Shai (pronounced, "Shay") after the ancient Egyptian god of Fate & Destiny.                                                                                                                                              

 volcan arenal in costa rica 

I constantly have the "travel bug." Costa Rica was once my home for four months. My most recent international trip: Jamaica. And now we have a honeymoon to plan, so I'm sure we'll find another beautiful location soon...!




  • Sending snail mail just because...
  • Falling asleep to a guided meditation on the Calm app
  • Making to-do lists and, more so, checking off to-do items!
  • Sunrises, on the rare occasion I'm awake early enough to see them...
  • T-Ravs and Provel Cheese
  • Christmas decorations! I love when the house + town are festive!
  • Daydreaming about building our own sustainable home one day


  • Outfit: Dark fitted jeans, tall boots, comfy sweater + pearl earrings
  • Musical Instrument: Cello
  • Country I've Visited: Belize
  • Food Style: modern American food. Basically, anything at Twist!
  • Place in Summit County: In the middle of Lake Dillon at 7am
  • Book: it's a tie! Breakfast with Buddha + Daring Greatly
  • Yoga Pose: Pigeon (and any other hip openers!!)